Argo-Hytos Hydraulics

Argo Hytos Hydraulics

Hydraulics Online – Supplyling you with Argo-Hytos Hydraulics and Argo-Hytos Hydraulic filters, filtration equipment, Argo Hytos valves and other Argo-Hytos hydraulic equipment and components…

Argo Hytos has more than 60 years experience in mobile and industrial hydraulics. With production companies in Germany, Czech Republic, India and China as well as numerous own distribution and assembly companies the Argo Hytos Group is active worldwide.

Argo Hytos manufactures sophisticated filter solutions, mainly applied in hydraulic and lubrication systems as well as in transmissions, for both industrial and mobile applications. The Argo Hytos product range comprises:

Argo Hytos FiltrationArgo Hytos filters and filtration equipment: Argo Hytos suction filters, return and return-suction filters, Argo Hytos pressure filters, high-pressure filters, filling and ventilating filters, clogging indicators and Argo Hytos filter accessories.




Argo Hytos Fluid ManagementArgo Hytos fluid management equipment:
Argo Hytos off-line filters, Argo Hytos oil-service units and dewatering systems.





Argo Hytos sensors and measurement: portable particle counters, stationary particle monitor, lubrication condition sensor, humidity sensor, airborne particle counters and software.

Argo Hytos ValvesArgo Hytos Valves: Argo Hytos directional valves, check valves, pressure valves, Argo Hytos flow valves, overcentre valves and Argo Hytos proportional valves.





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