Assembling Hydraulic Equipment

Some basic hints and tips when assembling hydraulic equipment to help you avoid unnecessary problems and systems downtime…

■ Most important – cleanliness. Contamination is the reason for many hydraulic problems;

■ All openings in the reservoir should be sealed after cleaning;

■ No grinding or welding operations should be done in the area where hydraulic components and systems are being installed;

■ All hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic valve, hydraulic pump and hydraulic hose connections should be sealed and/or capped until just prior to use;

■ Mineral spirits should be kept in safety containers;

■ Air hoses can be used to clean hydraulic fittings and other hydraulic system components. However, the air supply must be filtered and dry to prevent contamination of the parts;

■ Examine pipe fittings and hose assemblies prior to use to ensure that burrs, dirt and/or scale are not present;

■ All pipe and tubing ends should be reamed to prevent restriction and turbulent flow

■ Never use Teflon tape on straight thread connections;

■ When installing hydraulic pumps or hydraulic motors, always align coupling halves as closely as possibly, within 0.007 inch;

■ When using flexible hydraulic couplings, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations or allow 1/32 to 1/16 inch clearance between the coupling halves;

■ Do not drive couplings on hydraulic pump or hydraulic motor shafts. They should be a slip fit or shrunk on using hot hydraulic oil;

■ Always use a dry spray-on lubricant on splines when installing. This prevents wear and adds to the useful life of the splines;

■ When using double universal joint couplings, the shafts must be parallel and the yokes must be in line;

■ When installing V-belt pulleys on hydraulic pumps or hydraulic motors, line up both pulleys as closely as possible. Always install the pulleys with a minimum amount of overhang as close to the hydraulic pump or hydraulic motor face as possible. This increases bearing surface life.

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