B & C Hydraulics HD Series Pumps

B & C Hydraulics HD series pumps

The design of the B & C Hydraulics HD series pumps series vane pumps makes them particularly suitable for application on trucks, especially rubbish compactors. All the components subject to wear are contained in a cartridge unit that can be easily removed for inspection and/or replacement without disconnecting the pump from the circuit, drastically reducing expensive machine downtime.

The special design of the double-lip vanes makes the HD series pumps particularly suitable for applications requiring high pressure levels and very low noise emissions. Furthermore, the two opposed pumping chambers formed by the elliptical profile of the cam cancel out radial loads, dramatically reducing vibrations and considerably increasing the pump lifetime. In addition to reliability, HD pump guarantees continuous high volumetric efficiency during its whole service time – that avoids having to compensate the typical efficiency loss of other kinds of pump, increasing the truck engine rpm, which causes higher fuel consumption and therefore air pollution.

Such characteristics, along with an extremely low noise-level, make the B & C Hydraulics HD series pumps environmentally friendly, in line with the latest ecological trend. The HD series is available as the HD03 single pump (from 11 to 99 l/min at 1000 rpm) and HD33 double pump (from 22 to 200 l/min at 1000 rpm) with maximum powers of over 126 kW at the max pressure and speed. The pumps are extremely compact and are supplied with different types of either ISO or UNI norm mounting for the direct coupling with PTO and SAE norm hydraulic fittings. That, together with the option to orientate the inlet and outlet ports, makes the HD pumps very easy to install and guarantees their interchangeability with other types of pumps.


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