Bosch Rexroth Electronics

We provide a wide range of Bosch Rexroth electronics, including: valve amplifiers, command valve preparation, motion, sensors and signal encoders and electronic accessories.

Bosch Rexroth electronics have suitable analog or digital amplifier cards in Euro-card format and analog amplifiers in modular design or connector design that have been adapted to the valve technology and are available to realize controlled or regulated drives.

The Bosch Rexroth range also provides a unique complete, scalable portfolio of digital control electronics and motion controllers – from 1-axis controllers to the high-performance multi-axis control, which are able to connect almost any number of axes via cross-communication.

Integrated software can be adapted to suit the hydraulic system in question and enables commissioning, parametrisation and diagnosis. The range of electronics includes;

Bosch Rexroth Valve Amplifiers:

  • for proportional valves without Bosch Valveelectrical position feedback, analog connector design: VT-SSPA1-5…-2X, VT-SSPA1-1-1X, VT-SSPA1-50-1X, VT-SSPA1-5-1X, VT-SSPA1-100-1X, VT-SSPA1-150-1X and VT-SSPA1-525-1X/V0.
  • for proportional valves without electrical position feedback, analog modular design: VT-MSPA1-5…-1X, VT-MSPA2-5…-1X, VT-MSPA1-1-1X, VT-MSPA1-10-1X, VT-MSPA1-11-1X, VT-MSPA1-30-1X, VT-MSPA1-150-1X, VT-MSPA1-200-1X, VT-MSPA1-50-1X, VT-MSPA2-1-1X, VT-MSPA2-200-1X, VT 11131-1X, VT 11132-1X, VT 11118-1X and VT-MSRA1-1-1X.
  • Bosch Proportional Valves 8for proportional valves without electrical position feedback, analog Euro-card format: VT-VSPA1-5…-1X/RTP, VT-VSPA1-10-1X, VT-VSPA1-11-1X, VT-VSPA1(K)-1-1X, VT-VSPA1-2-1X, VT-VSPA2-1-2X and VT 2000-5X.
  • for proportional valves without electrical position feedback, digital Euro-card format: VT-VSPD-1-2X.
  • for proportional valves with electrical position feedback, analog modular design: VT-MRMA1-1-1X, VT-MRPA1-1…-1X, VT‑MRPA1‑1‑1X, VT‑MRPA1‑2‑1X, VT‑MRPA2‑1‑1X and VT‑MRPA2‑2‑1X.
  • for proportional valves with electrical position feedback, analog Euro-card format: VT‑VRPA1‑5…‑1X/V0, VT-VRPA1-5…-1X/RTP, VT-VRPA1-1…-1X, VT‑VRPA1‑50‑1X, VT‑VRPA1‑51‑1X, VT‑VRPA1‑52‑1X, VT‑VRPA2‑1‑1X, VT‑VRPA2‑2‑1X and VT-VRM1-1-1X.
  • Bosch Proportional Valves 9for proportional valves without electrical position feedback, digital Euro-card format: VT-VRPD-2-2X;
  • for proportional valves for adjusting axial piston pumps, analog modular design: VT-MSPA1-150-1X;
  • for proportional valves for adjusting axial piston pumps, analog Euro-card format: VT 5035-1X and VT-SR7-1X;
  • for proportional valves for adjusting axial piston pumps, digital Euro-card format: VT-VPCD-1X (A4VS);
  • for control valves, analog Euro-card format: VT-VRPA2-5…-1X/RTS, VT-VRPA2-5…-1X/RTP, VT-VRRA1-527-1X, VT‑VRRA1‑5…‑2X/V0, VT‑VRRA1‑5…‑2X/…K40-AGC, VT‑VRRA1‑5…‑2X/…K60‑AGC, VT‑VRRA1‑5…‑2X/V0/KV‑AGC, VT‑VRRA1‑527‑2X/V0/2STV, VT‑VRRA1‑527‑2X/V0/PO-IS, VT‑VRRA1‑527‑2X/V0/K40‑AGC‑2STV, VT-KRRA2-5…-2X, VT‑VRPA1‑527‑2X/V0/RTS‑2STV, VT-VRPA1-537-2X/V0, VT‑SR31‑1X …, VT‑SR38‑1X, VT‑SR41‑1X, VT‑SR42‑1X and VT‑SR43‑1X.
  • Bosch Proportional Valves 10for servo valve, analog modular design: VT 11021-1X;
  • for servo valves, analog Euro-card format: VT-SR1-1X, VT-SR2-1X and VT-SR11-1X;
  • for on / off valves, analog connector design: VT-SSV-1-2X and VT-SSBA1-PWM-1X;
  • for on / off valves, analog modular design: VT-MSFA1-50-1X, VT-MSFA1-100-1X and VT-MSFA1-150-1X.

Command value preparation:

  • modular design: VT-SWMA-1-1X, VT-SWMAK-1-1X and VT-SWMA3-5-1X;
  • Euro-card format: VT-SWKA1-1X and VT-SWKA2-5-1X.


  • analog: VT-MACAS-1X, VT-VARAP1-2X, VT-VACAP-2X and VT-VACAF-1X;
  • integrated, bus valves: 4WREF;
  • integrated, p/Q valves: STW 0195, STW 0196 and 4WREQ;Bosch Rexroth Electronics
  • integrated, axis controller: 4WRPNH../24C/P, 4WRPNH../24F.. and 4WRPDH;
  • standard: VT-HACD-3-2X, VT-HACD-1-1X and VT-HACD-DPQ-2X;
  • programmable: VT-HMC-1-1X, VT-HNC100…3X, VT-HNC100…/S-3X, SYHNC100-SEK-3X and VT-HNC100…2X;
  • Hägglunds Spider;
  • advanced: IndraMotion MLC and VT-MAC8.

Bosch Rexroth Sensors and Signal Encoders:

  • pressure sensors: HM16-1X, HM20-2X and HM20-1X;Bosch Rexroth Electronics
  • electronic pressure switches: HEDE10A1-2X…/1/, HEDE10A1-2X…/2/ and HEDE11A1-1X…/2/;
  • mechanical pressure sensors: HED 1 -4X, HED 2 -3X, HED 3 -4X, HED 5 -3X and HED 8 -2X;
  • speed sensors: DSM 1 -1X;
  • signal encoders: VT 10468, VT 10406 and VT 10399.

Electronic Accessories:

  • racks and card holders: VT 10812-2X, VT 3002-2X, VT 12302-3X, VT19101‑1X,Bosch Accessories VT19102‑1X and VT19103‑1X;
  • power supply and stabilizing units: VT 11006-1X, VT 11116-1X, VT‑NE30‑2X, VT‑NE31‑1X, VT‑NE32‑1X and VT 11110-1X;
  • test and service devices: VT-SVTSY-1-1X and VT-VETSY-1-1X;
  • mating connectors: Mating connectors (08008) and Mating connectors (08006).

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Bosch Rexroth Electronics

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