Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Filters

We supply a range of Bosch Rexroth hydraulic filters, including: ventilation filters, tank mounted filters/return line filters, in-line filters, duplex filters/in-line filters switchable, block mounting filters, suction and replacement cartridge filters, sieve basket filters, filter systems, filter elements and filter accessories.

Oil is the central component of every hydraulic system, so it’s no surprise that the most common cause for the failure of a system is oil contamination.

A hydraulic filter is therefore an essential component of any hydraulic system and selecting the right hydraulic filter is absolutely vital to ensure that particle contaminants are removed from the hydraulic fluid before components are jammed or damaged through abrasive wear.

The Bosch Rexroth hydraulic filters range comprises:

  • Bosch Filtersventilation filters: BFSK, FEF 0, FEF 1, BFS, BF 7 SL, BS 7 SL, BE 7 SL, B 7 SL, TLF I, TLF II and TLF III.
  • tank mounted filters / return line filters: 10 TE(N) and 10 TD(N).
  • in-line filters: 50 LE(N), 110 LE(N), 245 LE(N), 350 LE(N), 445 LEN, 40 FLE(N), 100 FLE(N), 16 FE, 40 EL, 100 EL, 450 EL, 690 EL and 1000 EL.
  • duplex filters / in-line filters switchable: 50 LD(N), 150 LD(N), 400 LD(N), 40 FLD(N), 100 FLD(N), 40 FLDK(N) and 16 FD.
  • block mounting filters: 450 PBF(N), 245 PSF(N), 350 PSF(N), 250 FE(N), 450 FE(N) and 320 PZR.
  • Bosch Filters 3suction and replacement cartridge filters: S, SE, 7 SL, 7 SLS and 50 SL.
  • sieve backet filters: 16 FKE, 16 FFE, 16 FKD, 16 FFD, 40
    FKE, 40 FFE, 40 FKD and 40 FFD.
  • filter systems: ABUKG and MFC3.
  • filter elements: 1., 2., 9., 10., 65. and 73.
  • filter accessories: WO-.01 and WE-.SP.

Hydraulics CatalogueOur catalogue shows a selection of the hydraulic filters and filtration equipment we hold within our range – we couldn’t possibly squeeze in everything that we do! So don’t worry if you’re not sure on what sort of hydraulic filter you need or can’t find what you’re looking for…  our experienced team will still be able to help.

Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Filters

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