Bosch Rexroth Proportional Servo Valves

The Bosch Rexroth proportional servo valves range includes: proportional valves, servo valves and high-response valves…

Bosch Rexroth proportional servo valves are used as directional valves, pressure valves and flow control valves. They reduce the required wiring and simplify the handling, with their integrated electronics (OBE), whilst providing exact reproducibility and a low manufacturing tolerance at the same time. The range comprises:

Bosch Rexroth Proportional Servo Valves

  • proportional directional valves: 4WRA(E), 4WRA 6../..XE, 4WRE(E), 4WREEM, 4WREF, 4WREQ, STW 0195, STW 0196, VEPS-10A-43, KKDSR1, KKDSR2, 4WRZ(E), 4WRZ…XE, 4WRH, 5WRZ(E), 5WRH, 4WRHM, 4WRZ(E)M and 4WRKE;
  • proportional pressure relief valves, direct operated: DBETBX, DBETBEX, DBET(E), DBET…XE, DBGT, DBETA, KBPS.8A and KBPS.8B;
  • proportional pressure relief valves: DBEBE6X, DBEBE10Z, (Z)DBE 6, (Z)DBEE 6, DBEM, DBEME, DBG, KBVS.1A, KBVS.1B, KBVS.2B, KBVS.3A and KBVS.3B.
  • proportional pressure reducing valves, direct operated: 3DREP(E) 6 and 3DREP 6 ../..XE;
  • Bosch Proportional Valves 7proportional pressure reducing valves, pilot operated: ZDRE(E) 6 -1X, ZDRE(E) 10 -2X, DRE(E) 6 -1X, DRE(M) 10, DRE(M)E 10, DRE(M) 20, DRE(M)E 20, DRE(M) 30, DRE(M)E 30, 3DRE(M)-7X, 3DRE(M)E-7X, (Z)DRS 6, DREB6X, DREBE6X, DREBE10Z and DRG.
  • proportional throttle valves: FE(E) and FES(E);
  • proportional flow control valves: 2FRE 6, 2FRE 10, 2FRE 16, 3(2)FREX, 3FREZ, 3FREEZ and KUDSR.


Bosch Rexroth Proportional Servo Valves

Bosch Rexroth Servo Valves are hydraulically pilot operated 2- or 3-step directional valves. Thanks to their high dynamics, they are mainly used to control position, force or pressure and velocity. The range comprises:

  • directional servo-valves: 4WS(E)2EM 6, 4WS2EM 6…XN, 4WS(E)2E. 10, 4WS2EM 10…XN, 4WS2EM 10…XH, 4WS(E)2E. 16, 4WSE3E 16, 4WSE3E 25 and 4WSE3E 32;
  • proportional servo valve accessories: ZDC 6, ZDC 10…32, SCA 16, SCA 25 and SCA 32, SCB 32.


Bosch Rexroth High-Response Valves are compact and robust. They boast high dynamics and closed-loop accuracy in position, velocity, pressure and force control applications. The range comprises:

Bosch Rexroth Proportional Servo Valves

  • directional control valves, direct operated: 4WRPH..2X..-750, 4WRPH 6 -2X, 4WRPH 10 -2X, 4WRPE 10 -3X, 4WRPEH 6 -2X, 4WRPEH 6 -3X, 4WRPEH 10 -2X, 4WRSE, 4WRSEH, 4WRPNH../24C/P, 4WRPNH../24F.. and 4WRPDH;
  • directional control valves, pilot operated: 4WRL…-750, 4WRL.V, 4WRL.E(W), 4WRLE.V, 4WRLE.E(W), 4WRLE -4X, 4WRVE, 4WRGE, 4WRTE, 4WRDE, 4WRD…XN, .WRCE…/P, 3WRCBH, 3WRCBEE, .WRCE…/S (size 32…50) and .WRC(E)…/S (size 63…160).


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Bosch Rexroth Proportional Servo Valves

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