Bucher Hydraulic Motors

At Hydraulics Online, we provide a range of Bucher hydraulic motors including the APM series, QXM series, QXM-HS series and the QXT series…

Bucher APM121 series:

MotorsThe components crucial to the APM121 series gear motor comprise an aluminium alloy body and two gearwheels, with supporting plain bearings.The front flange can either be the SAE standard, or the British or German OEM patterns. These features enable the Bucher hydraulic motor to be highly efficient due to optimised hydraulic compensation, whilst maintaining a quality/price ratio.

The APM121 series Bucher hydraulic motors comprises: QXM 100_P_000063_E and QXM 100_P_000063_US.

Bucher QXM-P series:

Motors2The QXM hydraulic pump is able to function as both a pump and a motor, and may be used in open- and closed loop hydrostatic drives. This pump works to lift weight and it generates energy as the weight is lowered. Advantages of the QXM-P include; low noise levels, negligible pressure pulsations and a long service life for optimal performance.

The QXM series hydraulic pumps comprises: QXM 100_P_000063_E and QXM 100_P_000063_US.

Bucher QXM-HS series:

Motors3Designed specifically to use at exceptionally high speeds, the QXM-HS is highly efficient whilst maintaining minimal noise output, contributing to the reduction in costs of energy. The pump can also carry heavy external radial loads, upholding minimal noise levels and reducing costs in system design, assembly and maintenance.

The QXM-HS series hydraulic motors comprises: QXM42-HS 100_P_000092_E and QXM42-HS 100_P_000092_US.

Bucher QXT series:

Motors4The QXT series internal flow dividers split the flow into up to four sections. The division ratios remain and constant and unchanged by the flow in the actuators. This allows them to be used in applications such as air conditions, waste compactors and hydraulic presses. With a wide range of division ratios available, high efficiency and service life these pumps can be used to provide synchronised movement of disproportionally weighted cylinders. Some of the advantages include;

The QXT series hydraulic motors comprises: QXT 100_P_000059_E and QXT 100_P_000059_US.

Bucher Hydraulic Motors

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