Hydraulics Online, Elon Musk and SpaceX Hyperloop

HypED is a University of Edinburgh student-led project that is blazing a successful path for British engineers in Elon Musk’s SpaceX Hyperloop project – and demonstrating an innovative new future for hydraulics in the process.

One of only 24 teams to be shortlisted for the final of the SpaceX Hyperloop competition to design a transportation pod for this phenomenally new and exciting mode of transport, HypED stretch the notion of “disruptive technologies” to its limits.

When, in May 2017, the HypED team were looking for suppliers for the hydraulic parts that would be used in the brake systems of its Hyperloop pod, one of the suppliers it approached was Hydraulics Online.

The input from Hydraulics Online was really something we couldn’t get elsewhere – Adam Anyszewski, HypED President.

Unique Collaboration

President, Adam Anyszewski explains: “We needed two things: student rates on the parts and manufacturing and, secondly, design consulting. Hydraulics Online was the only supplier who responded to both of our requirements.”

And, as it turned out, Hydraulics Online’s design consultancy services have had major benefits for the HypED project.

Adam says: “We had our idealistic design of how we wanted it to work, and then Hydraulics Online helped us take it from an idea on paper to an actual design that can be manufactured effectively.”

They have been very, very helpful because they had the knowledge of the available parts, the connections, all the safety requirements, and aspects of the design we weren’t aware of.”

“Basically, they helped us to take it from concept to a working design that achieved the functionality in a safe and certified manner.”

Very Tight Timescales

Hydraulics Online took the pressure off – Adam Anyszewski, HypED President.

Hydraulics Online’s input was even more vital to the success of the project when, in May, the HypED team’s hydraulics lead was incapacitated; badly injuring his shoulder in a way that jeopardised his involvement.

With timescales tight – the team only received competition specifications from SpaceX in April – and the prototype needing to be shipped to California in August to participate in the final of the competition, Adam says: “Hydraulics Online certainly live up to their word when they say ‘let us take the pressure’.”

“It was a really dire situation. Hydraulics Online prevented a lot of stress. They worked closely with us over multiple iterations and agreed to help us with the manufacture – and this really took the pressure off.”

Bespoke Engineering Services

As well as manufacturing mechanical elements, such as the manifold, Hydraulics Online helped Adam and his team to refine the design in several key ways as well.

“Hydraulics Online helped us to make the design more resilient,” explains Adam, “They helped us to ensure the system is failsafe and that it always has functionality – even if, for example, the control system fails or there is any mechanical instability. We now have a system that can cope with that, something we didn’t fully account for on the drawing board.”

The team has also been able to reduce the number of pre-charged accumulators used, from four in the original design, to two following testing. “We had some design contingency built-in,” says Adam, “but Hydraulics Online stuff is of such high quality that we could go down from four to two accumulators.”

California Dreaming

This is important for HypED because when the pod runs on the SpaceX Hyperloop test track in California at the end of August the competing teams are being judged on who has built the fastest Hyperloop possible.

“The velocity is dependent on mass, and shaving 6kg to 10kgs of weight off like this will help us achieve a higher speed and a better result in the competition,” says Adam.

“Getting to California is super-exciting and super-stressful but Hydraulics Online’s ability to take the pressure off us has been a significant one.”

And in may not be as futuristic or ground-breaking as the SpaceX Hyperloop, but we’d still love to know…

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Testimonial: Procurement Management

Praise from a customer in West Africa, who offers services and general procurement management for companies in the mining, engineering and construction equipment and parts industry:

We will definitely be sharing with you enquiries from our customers for Hydraulic Pumps, we really appreciate your service.

Click through on the following links if you’d like to find out more about us and our customers, the markets and hydraulic manufacturers that we deal with and the hydraulic products and services that we can provide.

Testimonial: Tree Surgery and Forestry Contractors

It’s all in a day’s work for the technical team, with praise from a company who carries out all aspects of tree work and hedge cutting after recently ordering a Vivolo gear pump:

Thanks for a very prompt and knowledgeable service, I would certainly use your firm again.

We supply a wide range of hydraulic pump types including: Gear pumpsrotary vane pumpsfixed displacement pumps / screw pumpsbent axis piston pumpsaxial piston pumps,  radial piston pumps. If you’re up against particularly tight time scales or budgets we can offer direct equivalents to many of the better known hydraulic pump brands, and then there’s our hydraulic pump repair service which may also provide an alternative cost-effective solution for you.

Click through on the following links if you’d like to find out more about us and our customers, the markets and hydraulic manufacturers that we deal with and the hydraulic products and services that we can provide.

Testimonial: Cattle Breeders, USA

“This has been one of the best experiences we have ever had trying to find parts for our farming operation. Ian was extremely helpful with our purchase across the pond… a new experience for these old farmers.

Thanks to everyone for the fast and quality service.”

Some lovely feedback we received from Beefmaster cattle breeders in Tennessee, USA after they took delivery of a KYB hydraulic gear pump!

Hydraulics Catalogue

Visit our catalogue to see some of the hydraulic components we have within our range. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then call us or go to our Contact page to enquire online.

Testimonial: Polyurethane Processing Technology Specialists

“I must say, you are a good company to work with and I will be using you in future.”

Feedback from one of our new customers (global specialists in polyurethane processing technology and technical support), looking for a number of counterbalance valves!

Hydraulics CatalogueVisit our catalogue to see some of the hydraulic components we have within our range. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then call us or go to our Contact page to enquire online.

Testimonial: Indonesia

At Hydraulics Online, we trade around the globe and this next thank you came from 7300 miles away! It’s a small world:

“Thank you for your support. I hope this can be a long relationship… Could you also support us for spare parts?”

Hydraulics CatalogueVisit our catalogue to see some of the hydraulic components we have within our range. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then call us or go to our Contact page to enquire online.

Histoires succesives: Materiels de manutentions

Un fournisseur de solutions de services de manutention, avec un vaste parc de location et les véhicules et techniciens de service sur le terrain, l’assistance requise pour la conception des solutions hydrauliques améliorées qui l’aideraient à se conformer à la nouvelle réglementation et réduire les délais pour les clients.

Ce premier fournisseur de location reconditionné les accessoires des chariots lévateurs à fourche qui avaient un léger introduction peu orthodoxe à Hydraulique en ligne. Lorsque son directeur technique a repéré un vehicule de service en ligne il y a environ neuf ans, il venait de mettre en place un nouveau département technique à l’entreprise. Le conducteur de la camionnette était Le fondateur d’Hydraulics Online, Mark Tonks, et la paire a parlé.

Le directeur technique, Chris, assistait au Royaume-Uni les concessionnaires de chariots élévateurs qui etais conformes à la nouvelle législation britannique avant la fabrication d usines qui pourraient mettre en œuvre la conception et la production. Il avait besoin d’une solution pour moderniser un système de consentement hydraulique pour hydrauliquement tenir des accessoires de chariot élévateur afin de se conformer, ce qui était à l’époque, la nouvelle UE législation.

“Hydraulics Online a une vaste connaissance de leur technologie et de la conception du système.”

Dans les deux semaines, l’équipe d’Hydraulics Online a revu Chris avec une solution.

Chris dit: “Hydraulics Online est la seule entreprise que nous avons rencontrée où nous sommes en mesure de leur donner ces scénarios de problèmes et ils reviennent vers nous avec une solution. Ils ont une vaste connaissance de leurs technologies et du système de conception , parce qu’ils sont indépendants. Je ne suis pas lié à un fabricant, je sais qu’ils nous donne la meilleure solution et le meilleur produit pour cette solution.”

Un partenariat rentable Notre client avait une commande immédiate d`un important fabricant de chariots élévateurs pour moderniser son système de consentement hydraulique et, au cours des neuf annees depuis, il a vendu des milliers d’unités au Royaume-Uni et en Europe.

Chris dit: “La solution Hydraulics Online nous a aidé à nous developer et a ouvrir des portes pour nous avec les départements techniques de ces grands fabricants, renforcer nos relations et générer un revenu régulièrement croissant pour nous.”

Notre client continue de travailler avec des fabrication internationale de fabricants hors d’Europe pour moderniser la solution originale d `Hydraulique en ligne conçu. Depuis, Hydraulics Online a continué à travailler avec le affaires sur cinq autres lignes de produits, certaines en réponse à un besoin immédiat du marché, comme le la valve de consentement, et d’autres sur un plus spéculatif base.

“Avec l’aide technique d’Hydraulics Online, nous sommes capables de réagir beaucoup plus rapidement à la législation et a d`autres changements. En plus d’assurer la conformité, cela nous permet d’exploiter les opportunités du marché avec les principaux fournisseurs “, explique Chris. “Notre travail de service pour un grand fabricant a connu une augmentation de 25% d’une année sur l’autre – et c’est tout les produits Hydraulics Online nous fournit avec.”

Transformation de l’entreprise Une solution transformative développée par deux sociétés qui ont ete la conception d’un générique et système hydraulique variable qui pourrait être adapté pour toutes les marques de chariots élévateurs.

Chris explique: “Nous voulions un système qui convient à presque tous les fabricants de chariots élévateurs gamme de produits, plutôt que d’avoir à commander en pièces spécifiques pour répondre aux OEM spécifiques; quelque chose que nous pourrions laisser sur l’étagère, sachant que nous pourrions modifier en fonction. Hydraulics Online a conçu une solution qui pourrait le faire pour nous et la nuit nous sommes allés d’avoir un délai de six semaines – comme dicté par la commande et la livraison des pièces – pouvoir offrir un délai mesuré en heures.”

Cette solution est maintenant portée par tous les véhicules de service de l’entreprise afin que son équipe d` ingénieurs techniques peuvent offrir un service rapide et efficace, solution de haute qualité à ses clients requis – quel que soit le type de véhicule; pourrons améliorer le service aux clients tout en coûts bas et stock maigre.

Chris dit: “Hydraulics Online est très facile à comprendre rapidement le problème et de revenir avec un design de solution – y compris les produits. Ceci est le témoignage de leur vaste connaissance technique. Le support technique est absolument crucial pour nous et les aspects techniques et service à la clientèle Hydraulique Les offres en ligne sont fantastique et vraiment précieux. Leur connaissance et leur indépendance les a mis en avantde tous les autres.”

services de manutention

Vous pouvez telechargez cette histoire en PDF, cliquez sur l`image de droite ou cliquez sur “histoires succesives.

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Happy Customers

You just can’t beat going into your inbox to find emails from customers who are so happy with your service that they have taken the time to write and say “thank you”…

In a world that never stops, where time is precious, and where businesses and consumers have more information and choice than ever about where they choose to spend… the “novelty” of reading a “thank you” from happy customers never wears off. But there’s actually nothing “novel” about it; we frequently get “thank you” emails, and phone calls too. And we never take it for granted.

Hydraulics Online was founded in 2004, and from the start we have always believed in the importance of delivering first class customer service within a culture of continuous improvement. Lived it. Breathed it. Walked the proverbial talk.

Over the years, the feedback from our rapidly-growing customer base was that we were doing things right, doing things well and that we “knew our stuff”, or as one customer put it:

You don’t just shift boxes; you know your business inside and out…

But as our business continued to grow, having our commitment to quality and continuous improvement stringently and independently assessed was the obvious thing to do – to provide both the platform for further growth and to give our rapidly-growing and ISO 9001increasingly international customer-base even more confidence in our brand and our abilities. We chose none other than the British Standards Institute to assess our business and its systems against the internationally recognised quality management standard, ISO 9001. And the rest, as the saying goes, is history…

Our happy customers
come from all corners of the globe, all markets and industries and all walks of life. Literally. Many are “big name” companies, experts themselves, with veryHappy customers  clear ideas and requirements, while others are incidental users of hydraulics finding themselves in a breakdown situation with no idea of how to put things right. And then there is everybody in-between.

With over 75 years’ technical experience behind us and access to a vast range of leading and niche hydraulic manufacturers from around the world, we’re passionate about hydraulics. And as this selection of extracts from some very recent emails shows, we have the service to match too:

Thank you very much for your help. Yes, you gained our trust and you will be our first source for hydraulics.

Thank you for your email and receipt for the hydraulic valve we ordered. I was very pleased with the prompt service received and Mark was very efficient and helpful in identifying the correct part we needed. We will most definitely use your company again…

I write to thank you for your assistance in delivering a replacement Parker tandem pump for our vessel. The pump was installed on the main engine reduction gearbox this morning and has been successfully tested in all operating modes. Your help was much appreciated.

I just wanted to say thanks for all your help. It’s the first time we have used Hydraulics Online, and we will be using them again. A faultless service!

I want to express my very good impression for your quick response, service and variety of products. Be sure that in future cases we will need you again. Maybe we can start a co-operation and send you an order with some products we need for our stock?

Thank you for your service with selecting the proper pump. Pumps have arrived this morning and they conform completely with the old pumps.

Our customers are, without doubt, our best advocates, and we have plenty more more of their testimonials and case studies here and throughout this website if you would like to take a look.

So, if you need hydraulics you’re in the right place… Your brand will be in safe hands. What are you waiting for?

Testimonial: Superyacht Supply and Logistics

A nice “thank you” from a worldwide superyacht supply and logistics company. Well done Ian!

I’ve passed your information around to the rest of the company. I found Ian to be extremely helpful with my enquiry/order. Kudos for a job well done.

Hydraulics Catalogue

Visit our catalogue to see some of the hydraulic components we have within our range. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then call us or go to our Contact page to enquire online.

Parker Gear Pump

Even before becoming part of the Parker Group, Commercial Hydraulics was thought of as one of the world’s biggest names in gear pump manufacturing. And now with the Parker name behind them, Commercial Hydraulics continue to lead the way – the Parker gear pump series regularly referred to as the industry standard against which others are measured.

Parker Commercial Hydraulics

A Parker gear pump is still made to the same demanding standards set by Commercial Hydraulics – the only difference being that the old Commercial product codes are now preceded by “PG” (for Parker Group).

The Parker gear pump / motor range comprises:

Parker gear pump P30 P50 P75

  • P30, M30, PGP30, PGM30, P31, M31, PGP031, PGM031;
  • P50, M50, PGP050, PGM050, P51, M51, PGP051, PGM051;
  • P75, PGP075, PGM075, P76, PGP076, PGM076.

Designed for high-torque applications, the P30, P31, P50, P51, P75, P76 Parker gear pump series offer a wide variety of drive shafts, with unique pressure-balanced thrust plates contributing to optimal performance. Manufactured with hi-tensile grey iron, such a Parker gear pump can be supplied in single and multiple section configurations, with a choice of (relief) valve options.

Parker Gear Pump P315 P330 P350 P365

  • P315, PGP315, PGM315;
  • P330, PGP330, PGM330;
  • P350, PGP350, PGM350;
  • P365, PGP365, PGM365.

The PGP / PGM 300 Parker gear pump series delivers superior reliability and performance in even the most demanding of heavy-duty hydraulic applications. The three-piece cast iron construction with large area, low-friction bushings means that this Parker gear pump series provides strength, high efficiency, and long life in severe operating environments. The design includes an advanced thrust plate and seal configuration, which optimizes performance even in high temperature and low viscosity conditions.

Here at Hydraulics Online, we know that time and money are precious commodities, and that in a “real time” world that never sleeps, you can often find yourself needing something “yesterday” … with a budget under pressure to stretch ever further. Again. That’s why we also offer a range of completely interchangeable, direct equivalents to the Commercial Parker gear pump range. Built and tested here in the UK, you can be assured of a quality product that can more often than not be dispatched within 24 hours.

Our experienced technical sales team are a lovely bunch and will be more than happy to advise you on Commercial / Parker gear pumps if you are looking for more help and technical guidance… Or even a miracle!

Parker gear pump P76And in the meantime we’ll close with this unsolicited “thank you” from a new customer, received after they took delivery of their Parker P76 gear pump. They have since ordered another to hold as a spare:

Dear Ian,

I write to thank you for your assistance in delivering a replacement Parker tandem pump for our vessel “Adeline”.  The pump was installed on the main engine reduction gearbox this morning and has been successfully tested in all operating modes.  Your help was much appreciated, good weekend to you and your team.

Technical Director – Worldwide ship management services company.

“Can you let the boys know that they are providing us with great service, parts and information in all our locations. Your service is prompt and reliable; you’re our “go to” guys when it comes to hydraulics.”

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