Parker Gear Pump

Parker Commercial Hydraulics

Even before becoming part of the Parker Group, Commercial Hydraulics was thought of as one of the world’s biggest names in gear pump manufacturing. And now with the Parker name behind them, Commercial Hydraulics continue to lead the way – their gear pump series regularly referred to as the industry standard against which others are measured.

A Parker gear pump is still made to the same demanding standards set by Commercial Hydraulics – the only difference being that the old Commercial product codes are now preceded by “PG” (for Parker Group).

The Parker gear pump / motor range comprises:

Parker gear pump P30 P50 P75

  • P30, M30, PGP30, PGM30, P31, M31, PGP031, PGM031;
  • P50, M50, PGP050, PGM050, P51, M51, PGP051, PGM051;
  • P75, PGP075, PGM075, P76, PGP076, PGM076.

Designed for high-torque applications, the P30, P31, P50, P51, P75, P76 Parker gear pump series offer a wide variety of drive shafts, with unique pressure-balanced thrust plates contributing to optimal performance. Manufactured with hi-tensile grey iron, such a Parker gear pump can be supplied in single and multiple section configurations, with a choice of (relief) valve options.

Parker Gear Pump P315 P330 P350 P365

  • P315, PGP315, PGM315;
  • P330, PGP330, PGM330;
  • P350, PGP350, PGM350;
  • P365, PGP365, PGM365.

The PGP / PGM 300 Parker gear pump series delivers superior reliability and performance in even the most demanding of heavy-duty hydraulic applications. The three-piece cast iron construction with large area, low-friction bushings means that this Parker gear pump series provides strength, high efficiency, and long life in severe operating environments. The design includes an advanced thrust plate and seal configuration, which optimizes performance even in high temperature and low viscosity conditions.

Here at Hydraulics Online, we know that time and money are precious commodities, and that in a “real time” world that never sleeps, you can often find yourself needing something “yesterday” … with a budget under pressure to stretch ever further. Again. That’s why we also offer a range of completely interchangeable, direct equivalents to the Commercial Parker gear pump range. Built and tested here in the UK, you can be assured of a quality product that can more often than not be dispatched within 24 hours.

Our experienced technical sales team are a lovely bunch and will be more than happy to advise you on Commercial / Parker gear pumps if you are looking for more help and technical guidance… Or even a miracle!

Parker gear pump P76And in the meantime we’ll close with this unsolicited “thank you” from a new customer, received after they took delivery of their Parker P76 gear pump. They have since ordered another to hold as a spare:

Dear Ian,

I write to thank you for your assistance in delivering a replacement Parker tandem pump for our vessel “Adeline”.  The pump was installed on the main engine reduction gearbox this morning and has been successfully tested in all operating modes.  Your help was much appreciated, good weekend to you and your team.

Technical Director – Worldwide ship management services company.

Hydraulic Power Pack

Rich in hydraulic power pack and systems knowledge and with over 60 years’ experience in components supply, Hydraulics Online really is your one-stop hydraulics resource…

Add to this our competitive, customer-focused outlook, and you will soon see why Hydraulics Online enjoys a reputation for consistently providing practical, trusted advice and solutions… whether for relatively standard or completely bespoke requirements.

I’m more than happy to order this hydraulic power pack with you, as the other five have been perfect for their various applications. Could I please have it under the order number “4041″.

The quote above came in from an existing customer earlier today; they’re materials testing technology specialists where precision and consistency count for everything.

Capable of operating continuously and equipped to withstand the toughest of working environments, a hydraulic power pack is considered the “backbone” of any hydraulic system. A typical hydraulic power unit will comprise a: hydraulic motor, reservoir, pump and coolers (to keep the fluid at a safe working temperature), and can produce a huge amount of power to drive most hydraulic cylinders.

A hydraulic power pack can be used in a diverse range of applications…

From farming and fishing, harvesting crops and the latest catch, to food and drinks production (and all the packaging), through to waste disposal and refuse lorries, power generation, compacting and recycling waste. Just to prove the point…

BreweryA key production plant to the brewery industry asked Hydraulics Online to re-design and supply a more efficient unit within 3 days, as a major production line was down.

Within 2 hours of receiving the call one of our hydraulic engineers attended site and specified a complete, new and more efficient and powerful hydraulic power pack. The customer raised their purchase order there and then. The system was built, tested and installed within 72 hours; downtime and lost production was therefore kept to a minimum. Within a further 48 hours all lost production had been recovered with orders then being produced ahead of schedule due to the greater efficiency delivered by the hydraulic power pack.

So, from beer to university students… or rather a request from Edinburgh University for our technical team to provide them with a hydraulic solution (as a concrete testing machine) for destruction tests within the construction industry. No problem. Hydraulics Online specified, designed and built a suitable high-pressure system including actuators which was then supplied to the customer within tight time and budget constraints.

As a final example, Hydraulics Online were approached by an alternative energy power company after their previous hydraulic supplier had failed to meet expectations. The customer supplied outline requirements and asked Hydraulics Online to propose a brand new hydraulic power pack and system.

A bespoke unit was duly designed and built with many modifications to the original, inherited specification; this resulted in a much more stable and controllable system which was far more suitable to the application.

If you’re looking for a standard hydraulic power pack, then you may like to know that we’re an authorised distributor for UK-based Fluidlink Hydraulics…

Fluidlink hydraulic power pack

Originally a distributor themselves for the Smiths Industries Hydraulics company, Fluidlink have now been producing their their own high quality, yet cost-effective, hydraulic power packs since 1993. Their 12v or 24v hydraulic power pack range, includes the Smiths Industries power pack designs, is available in AC and DC and with three different versions of body and tank to choose from means that a unit can be readily customised – despite the fact that we refer to it as “standard”.

Hydraulics CatalogueYou can hop over to our catalogue and view our range of standard, ex-stock, mini and micro Fluidlink hydraulic power packs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then complete our stock enquiry form, or for more technical advice and quotations contact one of our team on: 0845 644 3640, or via:

The image at the top of this page page shows a handful of the hydraulic power packs and systems that we have supplied in the past. You can view these in more detail within our power pack album on Facebook and there are plenty more examples scattered throughout our library of cases studies and testimonials.

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with these words from a leading designer and manufacturer of customised specialist vehicles and exhibition units used in: film and TV production, music festivals, live sports events and promotional roadshows:

That <hydraulic power pack> was spot on. Thanks for all your help, it’s great knowing we have someone like you supporting us on these types of vehicles.

Testimonial: Cheese Production

As with all breakdowns, there’s never really any time to spare, but when you’re a leading dairy products company specialising in cheese production, you undoubtedly need to move fast to protect perishable stock.

…your team were a great help to me in getting the hydraulic parts we needed. We had a major breakdown on a machine and the help and response time was very good.

I wouldn’t hesitate in using Hydraulics Online again.

As this new customer found out, supplying hydraulic equipment and components that you really needed “yesterday” isn’t usually a problem for our team… meaning that we can now add “supporting UK cheese production” to our own corporate CV! So, whether you’re up against the clock or not, why not let one our technical team take the pressure? They have over sixty years’ experience between them, understanding hydraulics and the marketplace inside and out. In fact, to quote another customer, we “don’t just shift boxes… you really know your stuff.”

Hydraulic ManufacturersIf lead times, and maybe budgets, are completely against you then our extensive access to hydraulic manufacturers from around the world may mean that supplying a direct equivalent to your existing equipment is an attractive option for you. But rest assured… as an ISO 9001 accredited company, that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. We’ll never offer an inferior product and we’ll never make a promise about delivery that we can’t keep either. Ever.

Anyway, we’re smiling at the thought of having another happy, new customer. Yes, we’re all smiling here, saying “cheese!” in fact.


Testimonial: Maritime Services

It’s true when we say it’s hard to think of an industry or market that we haven’t been involved in… On land, in the air or at sea!

After providing a Dowty equivalent pump to our customer, a supplier for marine hydraulics with an urgent order in the busy period before Christmas, we were delighted that our efforts were rewarded with a lovely thank you email!

All orders for ships become urgent in the run up to Christmas so once I knew you had the order packed and ready to go, I came over to collect them and pass them onto our freight forwarders who were tasked with getting the pumps out to Egypt.

We were in plenty of time and once collected from us I relaxed – ‘Job Done’! But I had not reckoned with the Christmas rush and we learned after Boxing Day that our consignment had been offloaded at Heathrow on Christmas Eve with a 3 day delay on the shipment. Normally consignments for ships are respected and fly as scheduled, however I gather it was the weight/shape of our pumps that caused the problem. Anyway, all’s well that ends well, and our pumps did make the vessel’s schedule.

Normally we only get involved with hydraulics when they are attached to our own equipment such as fin stabilisers, but this was an exception to the rule and as always try to say ‘Yes’ to our customers, coupled with the speed of your response, it was a winner all round.

We will consider whether there might be other opportunities for our mutual benefits.

Whether you work with a large PLC or in your own small business, you can be sure that our team always pull out all the stops to source hydraulic equipment or complete hydraulic system design work on time and to budget – no matter how challenging that may be. For more information on the hydraulic pumps we supply, click here or you can read more testimonials here and see more of what our customers are saying about us.

Catalogue Logo

Our catalogue shows a small selection of the hydraulic pumps that we regularly supply, but don’t worry if you’re not sure on what sort of hydraulic pump you need; our experienced team can help determine the one that will be best suited to your application.

Testimonial: Rexroth Hydraulics

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated, fantastic service and a quick turn around for the machine… We don’t really have a hydraulic supplier to speak of and we would appreciate you coming aboard.

Words from a new customer, a prepared foods supplier for UK & global food retailers and outlets, needing to keep their production lines up and running shortly before Christmas. One call to the team here was all it took… So you may have us to “thank” for some of those extra snacks and treats you enjoyed over the festive season!

Bosch Rexroth Products

Bosch-Rexroth-Hydraulics1In this instance the customer was looking for replacement Bosch Rexroth equipment for one of their food processors and mixers. You can find out more about Bosch Rexroth here or you click through on the following links if you’d like to find out more about us and our customers, the markets and other hydraulic manufacturers that we deal with and the hydraulic products and services that we can provide.

Remember, if it’s hydraulic we can design it, supply it, solve it or repair it!

Testimonial: Marine and Industrial Engineering Company

Could you reply with a list of all the equipment ordered from you to do the recent job on our vessel? It has been a success resulting in more power, speed and a quieter running system and we now intend to do the same job on another sister vessel.

Click through on the following links if you’d like to find out more about us and our customers, the markets and hydraulic manufacturers that we deal with and the hydraulic products and services that we can provide.

Remember, if it’s hydraulic we can design it, supply it, solve it or repair it!

Hydraulic Lift

If it’s hydraulic, then in the words of our customers we “know our stuff”. But knowledge isn’t enough, and right from the outset, we have always believed in consistently delivering first class customer service too – hence our investment to achieve ISO 9001 Quality Management accreditation through the British Standards Institution.

Over the years, the feedback from our growing customer base has always been that we are doing things right, doing things well… Doing what we say we are going to do. We regularly receive “thank you” notes and emails from our customers, who want to recognise our commitment to customer service. This email, received today, needs no further introduction…

I needed to repair a Chiltern Concept 2000 bath system for a wheelchair user… The bath was generally in very good order, although the hydraulic lifting mechanism had developed a fault that would occasionally leave the user stranded in the bath or part way out.

On close examination I found that the hydraulic lift system was based on a Smiths Industries hydraulics company power pack and ram, but there were no obvious signs of hydraulic oil leakage.  I discovered that the original company had gone into liquidation and the new company,  Chiltern Invadex, were unable to support this bath.  The situation was made yet more complicated as the hydraulic components were no longer available as replacement parts.  The only option seemed to be to install a new bath and hydraulic lift at considerable cost.

In a desperate attempt to save costs and quickly restore the bath to working order, I contacted Hydraulics Online.  Mark Tonks, the Managing Director could not have been more helpful.  He suggested returning the power pack and ram to their works in Alsager, Cheshire, where they would test all components.  

I am delighted to say that they discovered the faulty component, replaced it and shipped the items back to me in West London. After reinstalling the hydraulic lift mechanism the wheelchair user now has a fully functional hydraulic bath. It has now been operating perfectly for the last 3 weeks.  

The service provided by Hydraulics Online was exceptional.

Doctor M.R.T.

Hydraulic Filter

A hydraulic filter is an important component of any hydraulic system and selecting the right one is vital to safeguard systems performance…

Well, we’ve always said we can, but in the words of a well-known and world-leading, high-technology engineering business, the team really can take the “pressure” here at Hydraulics Online.

I would like to thank you and your team for your expert help in sourcing and supplying our HAWE hydraulic filters. The service was extremely swift and certainly took the ‘pressure’ off to get our machine back up and running. A pleasure to do further business with you in the future.

A hydraulic filter plays a vitally important role in any hydraulic system, and selecting the right one is absolutely critical to protect your system and its performance.  Modern hydraulic systems are becoming more demanding than ever… and with higher performance come ever increasing demands for better controls and long component life. Such standards can usually only be achieved when using hydraulic components with smaller tolerances and a greater sensitivity to contamination.

Selecting the right hydraulic filter is therefore essential to ensure that particle contaminants are removed from the hydraulic fluid before components are jammed or damaged through abrasive wear.

As a leading hydraulic filter supplier we have widespread, competitive access to both leading and niche hydraulic filter manufacturers from around the world. Some of the hydraulic filter manufacturers and brands that we can supply include: Argo HytosDonaldsonEaton Vickers, Hawe, Hydac, Ikron, MP Filtri and Parker hydraulic filters.

Sourcing an obscure hydraulic filter or getting hold of one that you needed “yesterday” needn’t be a problem either… as you can see here, large and small alike, we help customers every day who are in a breakdown situation with no time to spare!

Hydraulics CatalogueOur catalogue shows a selection of the hydraulic filters and filtration equipment we hold within our range. But don’t worry if you’re not sure on what sort of hydraulic filter you need; our experienced team can help determine the one that will be best suited to your application.

Oil Control Valve

Thank you… your service was excellent, we will use you again in the future.

These were the words from a new customer that were emailed in to the team this morning. As one of the world’s leading suppliers to the commercial and military aerospace market our customer was looking for a Rexroth valve – or specifically a number of Oil Control hydraulic cartridge valves.

Oil Control was founded in Italy in 1973 when it began production of motion control valves. In 2005, the Oil Control Group became part of the Rexroth Group and changed its name to Bosch Rexroth Oil Control S.p.A.  The acquisition of the Oil Control Group and integration of its product range in its own enabled Bosch Rexroth to position itself as an even stronger player in the mobile machinery systems market, with products to cater for virtually every conceivable OEM need.

The Bosch Rexroth Oil Control valve range now includes:

  • mechanical cartridge valves, solenoid cartridge valves (on/off and electro-proportional) and high pressure cartridge valves (mechanical, solenoid on/off and) electro-proportional;
  • proportional pressure reducing valves – remote control manifolds;
  • sleeve valves for line mounting;
  • Oil Control insert valves;
  • Load holding/motion control valves;
  • Oil Control modular/directional valves;
  • Flow diverters.

Whether, like our customer here, you work within a major PLC or run your own small business, we understand the importance of increasing the value of your brand and staying a step ahead of your competition at every turn. We provide Original Equipment Manufacturers with whatever level of support they need to ensure that their products are well-positioned in the marketplace – from upfront hydraulic systems design consultancy, through to prototyping and pre-production manufacturing, or as an ongoing production and service parts provider.

With our competitive access to an extensive range of hydraulic equipment manufacturers from around the world, many of our customers choose to rationalise their supplier base and work with us as their single source of supply… allowing them to focus on their products, their customers, their markets.

So look no further… You can trust us with your design ideas and brand. You’re in safe hands.

Testimonial: Hydraulic Motor for Welding and Fabricating

Everything was fine, and your correspondence and follow up is exceptional.

This generous feedback was from a new customer needing a hydraulic gear motor for their engineering and fabrication business.


As a leading supplier of hydraulic motors we enjoy widespread, competitive access to both “big name” and niche manufacturers from around the world, including: Parker, Sauer Danfoss (Danfoss), Denison Hydraulics, Italgroup, Maxma, Vickers hydraulic motors, Roquet, Bosch Rexroth and White Drive Products. Even if the hydraulic motor you are looking for is obsolete, we can usually offer a direct equivalent or a repair service to provide alternative solutions… useful if you are on a tight timescale or budget too!

Hydraulics CatalogueClick here to visit our catalogue and view some of the hydraulic motors we have within our range; if you can’t find the hydraulic motor that you’re looking for then complete our Stock Enquiry Form or for more technical advice contact one of our experienced hydraulic engineers on: 0845 644 3640 or via:

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  Even before becoming part of the Parker Group,

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