Business Exporter of the Year

Federation of Small Businesses Award Finalist: North West Business Exporter of the Year

We rarely take a step back to celebrate our successes and see how far we’ve come.  But there is value in doing so.  For the Hydraulics Online team, entering our local South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce (SCCCI) awards at the end of 2017 was a fantastic opportunity to gain that perspective and consider how other people view our business.

To be named winner of two awards – for international trade and excellence in customer service – and be highly commended in the Ambassador of the Year category was a wonderful acknowledgement  of all our hard work.

cheshire hydraulics onlineThe award wins have led to some wonderful opportunities – from working with our local Department of International Trade (DIT) team to developing a strong relationship with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), the judges of the SCCCI International Trader of the Year award.

Hydraulics Online Operations Director, Helen Baker, has given a talk to global marketing students at MMU about our international marketing strategies, and we are working with the MMU Business School on their SMART Cheshire Innovation Programme.

We are also supporting two third year MMU Business Management degree students with eight-week work-based learning placements.

FSB Business Exporter of the Year Award

Our strengthening relationship with the DIT led us to enter the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) regional Business Exporter of the Year award at the start of 2018. Veronica Dawson, DIT has been very supportive of our international strategy.

Following the SCCCI award wins she said, “If you have enthusiasm and passion and you combine that with excellent customer services – which Hydraulics Online do – you can succeed in exports.”

“If you have enthusiasm and passion and you combine that with excellent customer services – which Hydraulics Online do – you can succeed in exports.” Veronica Dawson, International Trade Adviser, Department of International Trade

We are now delighted to announce that Hydraulics Online has been named as a finalist for the FSB Business Exporter of the Year in the North West region. It is another important recognition of the hard work of all the Hydraulics Online team and our determination to put South Cheshire firmly on the global hydraulics map.

A Reliable Hydraulics Supplier 4000 Miles Away

Despite being more than 4,000 miles away, this roofing and construction manufacturer on the Caribbean island of Barbados relies on great service from Hydraulics Online – because to keep production running, the swift supply of parts is absolutely essential.

From its factory in Barbados, this company manufactures a range of products used in the construction industry, including welded wire mesh for concrete reinforcement, reinforcing steel bars, corrugated roof cladding, gutters and hurricane shutters.

Because most of its products are manufactured on a “to order” basis, if there is a problem on any of the production machines this doesn’t only bring production to a halt – it can cause serious delays for its construction company customers too.

With this in mind, it is important to the firm that replacement parts and machinery arrive quickly when something goes wrong.  Production manager, Ricky explains: “We aim to supply our customers in 24 hours, because they need parts quickly.  I only have one machine of each type, so when a machine is not working it has a significant impact on our business – the whole production line can be finished.  It’s bad news for us and our customers.”

“I don’t think Hydraulics Online has ever refused an order or been unable to source what I needed.” Ricky, Production Manager

The Search for a Reliable Hydraulics Supplier

In the course of ongoing maintenance and repairs, Ricky’s machines can require a variety of components, including hydraulics pumps, cylinders and motors.

Unfortunately, Ricky’s existing hydraulics supplier were not as efficient as he needed them to be – so Ricky needed to look for something better.

“With my old suppliers, there were delays in their response to my enquiry.  Then they were slow getting back to me.  And the alternatives they suggested were expensive,” Ricky explains.

As a result, Ricky began to look for a new hydraulics supplier that could deliver the service he required.  He found Hydraulics Online while searching on the Internet and, in September 2011, placed his first order with Hydraulics Online – a hydraulic motor for an “obsolete” machine.

Ricky says: “From day one, Hydraulics Online has been excellent.  They get back to me straight away.  They offer extremely competitive pricing.  And the delivery is excellent.”

Difficult-to-Source Parts

Because some of Ricky’s machines are old, finding the replacement parts he needs isn’t always easy.

Ricky’s first order with Hydraulics Online was for a very old machine for which he had experienced some challenges finding parts.  But the Hydraulics Online came back to him with a quote for a suitable replacement part straight away.

Ricky has been very impressed with the speed at which the team at Hydraulics Online can source a suitable part for him.  “If they can’t find the exact part,” says Ricky, “they come back to me quickly with suggestions for alternatives. To date, Hydraulics Online has always been able to satisfy every requirement. I don’t think they’ve ever refused an order or been unable to find a part I needed.”

“From day one, Hydraulics Online has been excellent.” Ricky, Production Manager.

hydraulics supplierDespite being more than 4,000 miles away, the delivery of parts has always been timely, quick and as promised.

With flights running regularly from the UK to Barbados with a variety of operators, the delivery of the parts from Hydraulics Online has been speedy – keeping disruptions to a minimum on the production line and for Ricky’s customers.

“Speed is important to me,” says Ricky, “and if Hydraulics Online can’t find what I need, they find an alternative quickly and arrange shipment very quickly.  The service from Hydraulics Online is the best.”

By Appointment to HM The Queen, Mark Westaway & Son

When its local supplier couldn’t provide the hydraulic part Mark Westaway & Son needed for its hay baling machine, it turned to Hydraulics Online for help – and sourced a more robust and suitable part for the job.

Mark Westaway & Son has produced HorseHage, the original dust-free horse forage, from its farmland in Devon since the late 1970s.  The innovative horse feed product was created to solve the problem of dust in hay which can result in respiratory problems for some horses.

The company was awarded the Royal Warrant in 1983 after Her Majesty the Queen’s horse, Burmese, was fed HorseHage when suffering from a respiratory problem. It now supplies HorseHage to the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace and, since the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, has been the official supplier of dust-free forage to The British Equestrian Team.

Seasonal Operations

Since agricultural production is highly seasonal, the company’s maintenance of equipment takes place out of season to maximise productivity.  During the summer months, whenever the weather is good, the company’s harvesting and baling machinery will be operating throughout the daylight hours.

“Hydraulics Online impressed with their speed of service and helpful attitude.” Chris Tar, General Manager, Mark Westway & Son

With performance being critical to its prestigious customers, a high-quality product and secure, uninterrupted supply is vital. “You’ve got to get everything ready; you can’t wait ‘til you start work,” explains Chris Tar,  Manager and son-in-law of the company’s Founder, Mark Westaway.

It was during an annual maintenance check in 2018 that Chris’s team identified a hydraulic control panel on one of the baling machines that required replacing.  Chris’s first response was to reach out to his local supplier, but they weren’t able to help.

Mark Westaway and Son Hydraulics“Normally we’d deal with the local supplier but they didn’t have this particular part and they weren’t particularly helpful, so we set about finding it ourselves,” explains Chris.

“One of my team began searching for possible hydraulic suppliers on the internet and we found Hydraulics Online.  It was our first time ordering with them and the service was very good.”

Good Supplier Relationships

Hydraulics Online was able to quickly source a suitable replacement part for Mark Westaway & Son. Thanks to its extensive knowledge and experience of hydraulics in agricultural applications, Hydraulics Online was also able to suggest a more robust model that would have a longer life in the field.

Chris was impressed by both the helpfulness and speed of the service:  “Agriculture is a fairly tough environment.  In the field, there  is a lot of vibration, lots of dust, and electronic components don’t last that long.”

“Hydraulics Online helped us get a heavier duty bit of kit.” Chris Tar, General Manager, Mark Westaway & Son

“Hydraulics Online helped us to get a heavier duty bit of kit this time,” says Chris.

The extra longevity built into the equipment will help Chris and his team maximise production hours – and ensure that the company’s high-quality product can reach its customers.

Chris was happy with the delivery. The part arrived in good time and the baling machine is now back to full working order ready for when the busy summer harvesting season starts from May until September.  Chris says: “I  will be very happy to use Hydraulics Online again.”

Independent Hydraulic Procurement

This global supply and logistics company specialises in products distribution, contract supply and fulfilment solutions.  In Hydraulics Online it has found a hydraulic procurement partner that helps it deliver excellent service for its customers.

This global supply company specialises in product distribution and contract supply solutions across Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.  With a growing demand for its services in Europe, the company decided to open its first European office in the UK.

The company felt that this would enable it to offer a better service and cut lead times to the local market in the UK and across Europe.  From the UK office, the team assist a number of Eastern European and North and West African mining companies who frequently have hydraulic procurement requirements. “We receive all kinds of weird and wonderful requests for obscure hydraulic parts,” explains their account manager at the global supply chain.  “We put these to Hydraulics Online and they are really knowledgeable and really quick at coming back to me about requests.”

When Hydraulics Online quote a lead time they will stick to it.

Support to Get Things Right

The majority of the requirements are hydraulic motors for different drilling rigs and other heavy machinery on site.  “Some of the specifications are quite sketchy and one thing Hydraulics Online is very good at is giving us a complete list of everything they need to know about that particular part in order to ensure that we are always quoting the right thing for the client,” he continues.

The customer service team value the additional support Hydraulics Online offers to assist in that regard, such as supplying datasheets about each part to attach to the quote.  “The other good thing about Hydraulics Online is that once they have quoted a lead time, they will stick to it,” says their account manager. “They meet their lead times, and this keeps our clients happy, which makes us happy.

A key part of the Hydraulics Online business model is its independence in terms of equipment and suppliers and this is something he values highly.

Independent Hydraulic Procurement Partner

“Because Hydraulics Online can source things through different suppliers they are able to offer very good lead times.  I know from previous experience that it can be a bit of a minefield when sourcing hydraulic parts, but working with Hydraulics Online removes that risk for us.  Rather than us having to call around different manufacturers, they can quote like for like for us.  And they have good routes in to those manufacturers – they get the answers we need quickly.”

Rather than us having to call around different manufacturers, Hydraulics Online can quote like for like for us.

“If there is ever a problem getting pricing for any reason, Hydraulics Online will let us know the reason and we can go back to our clients and share that information.”  Through this openness and attention to detail, Hydraulics Online supports the service the supply and logistics business can deliver to its customers.

This support has extended to the financial support Hydraulics Online has offered.  As a new start-up without historical financial records, securing initial credit can be a challenge.

“Hydraulics Online has been very accommodating with us because they know we make our payments – our relationship has been built up on trust,” he concludes, “Hydraulics Online are very approachable and they are always on hand to answer any questions our clients have.  It’s brilliant; they are a one-stop shop for us.”

South Cheshire on the Map: Our Global Hydraulics Success

Little did we know when we established Hydraulics Online back in 2004, we would be shipping hydraulic parts and offering advice to customers around the entire globe. Yet, this is now exactly what we do – to 129 countries to be precise at the last count. Thanks to the hard work of our team, Hydraulics Online is now a truly global hydraulics business.

This achievement was recognised at the end of November when our local Chamber of Commerce in South Cheshire held its annual Business Awards. The awards received their highest ever number of entries, but despite this Hydraulics Online were recognised for an unprecedented three awards, including being announced winner of the International Trader of the Year 2017.

We are thrilled to be named International Trader of the Year in South Cheshire because it perfectly encapsulates our vision of being a business firmly rooted in its local community, yet one that serves a truly global hydraulics customer base.

Dr Kevin Gallimore is Senior Head of Department of Business Management at  Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), the sponsors of the award. Kevin was a key member of the judging panel.

global hydraulicsAnnouncing us as the category winners, he said: “We were particularly impressed by Hydraulics Online because of their global reach, their clear competitive positioning, their strong business model, and their plans to invest in technology to better understand their customers in a wide variety of markets around the world.”

We were also really excited to have been invited into MMU following our award win by his fellow judge and Associate Head of MMU’s Business Development department, Jie Liu. Jie asked us to talk to her students about Hydraulics Online’s global reach and success, our international market entry strategies and our use of the of the internet as a key part of our strategy.

The win has also brought us some attention from the Department of International Trade (DIT),  and we are hoping to be able to share additional insights with other local businesses through the many wonderful local schemes that the DIT provides.

Veronica Dawson is our local International Trade Adviser, within the DIT’s North West International Trade Team. She shared her excitement of our award success, saying: “What impresses me most about Hydraulics Online is their passion. They understand that excellent customer services are crucial in exports as you are building that business relationship from a distance. If you have enthusiasm and passion and you combine that with excellent customer services – which Hydraulics Online do – you can succeed in exports. I’m very pleased to be working with them, as it is on small businesses like Hydraulics Online that exporting in the UK is based.”

We’re pleased to report that our global hydraulics trade continues to expand. Just in the last quarter, and in addition to returning business, we have served 34 new customers based in 24 different countries – across Europe, USA, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa, the Middle East, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Vietnam.

This continuing growth and reach is really exciting for us. Our customers come to us through our website and via personal recommendation, and the fact that they do so in such numbers is clear evidence that customers far and wide value what Hydraulics Online offers.

We are planning new communications and support strategies in 2018 to help serve our growing international customer base even more. Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for all the latest news.

In the meantime, you might like to read Ian’s  blog: “International Hydraulics – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, where he talks about the excitement and challenges of being a truly global hydraulics business.

We're Celebrating an Award Hat-Trick!

The Hydraulics Online team is celebrating a super night of award wins at our local chamber of commerce’s annual awards – where we scooped awards recognising our excellent customer service and international trade.

The South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce Business Awards were presented during a glittering ceremony at Crewe Hall on Friday 24th November 2017.  We are delighted to announce that we were recognised for three of the awards presented on the night:

  • Winner – Excellence in Customer Service
  • Winner – International Trader of the Year
  • Highly Commended – Ambassador of the Year

Running a vibrant, growing, global business, there really are never enough hours in the day.  We’re always so busy, looking forwards at things we want to do to drive the business forward.  We rarely pause to look back and reflect on how far we’ve actually come.

These three awards are fabulous recognition of our success to date.  We set such high standards for ourselves that our daily successes almost become the norm; never taken for granted, but we don’t really pat ourselves on the back either.

Entering the awards was a perfect opportunity to take stock.  In so doing, and by allowing our business to be scrutinised and judged by others outside it – all experts in their own fields, it has provided even more certainty that we are on the right track, and that we really do stand out from the crowd.  As a result, our vision for Hydraulics Online is now clearer than ever.

Because this really has been such a team effort, we’d like to share a few words from some of our team about what winning the awards means to them.

Joanna says: “It gives me confidence knowing that I’m working for an ambitious and successful company. I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved. Nobody tells us what to do; when we have ideas we can just implement them and winning the awards is just affirmation that we’re doing everything right.”

Ian says: “It’s confirmation that what we’re achieving has now been verified by external peer groups and it reinforces the fact that we’re on the right track.”

Mark says: “It’s great recognition for our hard work, our commitment to always putting the customer first and the high standards that we expect of ourselves, day in and day out.”

Steve says: “It just goes to prove that we’re a kind and caring company; it proves we really try and help the customer.”

Since we so rarely get time to take stock, we’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all our team for their continued hard work and dedication and all our customers for giving us the opportunity to serve them and demonstrate our commitment to excellent customer service.  We hope you have all enjoyed the ride as much as we have – and look forward to many more years of excellent customer service and international growth.

cheshire hydraulics onlineRead more about what the judges said in our full press release here.

Watch the awards highlights here:


Success Story: Marine and Subsea Hydraulics

Our customer, an international player in underwater cabling, began using Hydraulics Online in 2014, when the business found itself in a tight spot concerning a particular part.

One of their ship superintendents, remembers: “We had a pressing need to replace a part on some legacy equipment for which it had become difficult to source spares.”

“Our regular supplier at the time couldn’t supply the part we needed.”

Subsea Hydraulics – A Rapid Response

A quick internet search led our customer to Hydraulics Online.  “I called Hydraulics Online because at that stage I had nothing to lose.  I gave them a call and within two hours the Hydraulics Online team came back to me to say ‘yes, we can source that’.  It was an absolute revelation.”

“Based on a minimal part description and some photos, they had managed to source a suitable part – and at a keen, competitive price.”

On the back of that experience, Hydraulics Online became one of their approved suppliers for marine and subsea hydraulics.

“Contacting Hydraulics Online was an absolute revelation.” Ship Superintendent

Good Supplier Relationships

“Having good supplier relationships is crucial to keep our fleet moving,” our customer continues.

“Every year a ship is aged, spares become more difficult to obtain.  Knowing we have suppliers we can count on to deliver what we need is really important to us.

“Hydraulics Online’s speed of response and turnaround times are great; when you need spares in a hurry, that’s brilliant.  It means I don’t have to keep chasing people to get an answer.”

A Personal Approach

As well as the speed of Hydraulics Online’s service, our customer also appreciates the personal approach the company takes.

“I would say Hydraulics Online are in the top end of response times in our industry.”

“I know Hydraulics Online will come through for me.” Ship Superintendent

“They stand out amongst the others because they offer such efficient service.”

“Working with Hydraulics Online is great,” our customer says.  “I know I can ring up the people I need to speak with direct.  I get a personal service; I feel like Hydraulics Online cares.  It’s nice when you feel like you know the person you’re dealing with.”

“When I need something there and then, I call Jordan or one of the others in sales and I know Hydraulics Online will come through for me.”

SpaceX Hyperloop Competition

HypED is a University of Edinburgh student-led project that is blazing a successful path for British engineers in Elon Musk’s Hyperloop project – and demonstrating an innovative new future for hydraulics in the process.

In August 2017, 25 teams from around the world convened at the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California to compete on the test track of a truly revolutionary mode of transport: the Hyperloop.

Elon Musk has described Hyperloop as “a cross between a Concorde, a railgun, and an air hockey table”. Hyperloop uses tunnels and pods (or capsules) to move at extremely high speeds along a low pressure transit tube.

The team from the University of Edinburgh, HypED, were one of the teams to be shortlisted and were invited to California in August 2017 to participate in the final of Space-X’s 2017 Hyperloop competition in California.

Hydraulics Online involvement with the HypED team began in April 2017 when HypED started searching for the hydraulic parts that would be used in the brake systems of its Hyperloop competition pod. HypED President, Adam Anyszewski explains: “Hydraulics Online was the only supplier who responded to our requirements.”

Hydraulics Online took the pressure off. Adam Anyszewski, President, HypED

Bespoke Consultancy Services

And, as it turned out, Hydraulics Online’s design consultancy services have had major benefits for the HypED project. Adam says: “We had our idealistic design of how we wanted it to work, and then Hydraulics Online helped us take it from an idea on paper to an actual design that can be manufactured effectively. The input we got from Hydraulics Online was really something we couldn’t get elsewhere. They have been
very, very helpful.”

HypED hyperloop competition pod The HypED team have since praised the knowledge and input of the Hydraulics Online team, in terms of available parts, the connections, all the safety requirements, design, and manufacturing services.

Adam comments: “Basically, Hydaulics Online helped us to take it from concept to a working design that achieved the functionality in a safe and certified manner. They prevented a lot of stress. They worked closely with us over multiple iterations and agreed to help us with the manufacture – and this really took the pressure off.”

HYperloop Competition – A Fantastic Achievement

The HypED team did amazingly well to make it to California and were the only UK team to do so, and one of only 5 teams from Europe. The HypED team’s pod performed well in pre-run tests at the Space-X facility and was praised for its functionality and robustness. It also attracted positive comments from other competitors for compact design and quality of manufacturing.

Adam says: “Getting to California was super-exciting and super-stressful but Hydraulics
Online’s ability to take the pressure off us has been of significant benefit.”

Hydraulics Online have been very, very helpful. Adam Anyszewski, President, HypED

HypED hyperloop competition pod Sadly, Space-X reduced the number of pods that would race on the track from 5 to 3, and HypED missed out on their chance to run their pod on the track. The competition was won by the team from the Technical University of Munich with a pod that reached more than 200 mph. Meanwhile, HypED’s commercial team was one of the ten winners – and the only student team to win – from among 2600 entrants in the Hyperloop One Global Challenge with their feasibility study of a commercial Hyperloop route between Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and London.

Given their good showing, the HypED team are now officially participating in the next iteration of the SpaceX Hyperloop competition next year, which will be focused on the maximum speed to be achieved by a self-propelled prototype. HypED are , in their own words, ‘staying hyped’ and their confidence is high: “We’re going to California next year to rock it!” says Adam.

A Personal Story - Helen, Co-Founder of Hydraulics Online

We grab a word with Hydraulics Online co-founder, Helen Baker. As Operations Director, Helen has the strategy and big picture firmly within her sight, but she isn’t afraid to roll up her own sleeves to deliver on that vision. Here she talks about driving the business forward, capitalising on marketing opportunities, and shaping the organisational culture.

“Other than the basics, I won’t claim to understand a great deal more about hydraulics than when we first started,” admits Helen, “but I bring something else to the business – the strategy, marketing and operations. After I graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in Economics and Accounting, I worked for Barclays and then a FTSE 100 life assurance company delivering big strategic change projects. My strengths lie in having an idea and a blank sheet of paper, defining what needs to be done and then making things happen. The hydraulics – that’s Mark. But my skills compliment his and that’s what makes us such a great team.”

What’s most remarkable is the way Mark and Helen have also ensured this balance, and their team ethos has permeated the whole culture of Hydraulics Online.

Our success today – in no small way down to Helen’s dynamism – is, in terms of sales, global reach, and online presence, a far cry from where the business started in 2004, yet much has remained the same.

From Humble Beginnings

“Having identified a gap in the market and made the decision to set up Hydraulics Online, our priority initially was to build a business that could generate enough income for us to keep the roof over our heads and, critically, enable us to juggle work with home and the demands of our large family,” says Helen.

“Whilst we had ambition and commitment and took ourselves seriously from the start, we had no idea that we would be able to build such a successful business or that we’d soon be exporting hydraulic equipment and systems all over the world.”

It hasn’t always been easy. Helen and Mark added to their family in 2007 when their youngest child was born – and Helen was suddenly juggling work and family life with the demands of a new baby: “I think my maternity leave lasted about two days,” she smiles, “but working for yourself does have certain advantages – the empowerment, the flexibility. The flipside of that, of course, is you can’t switch off. And if you don’t make things happen, nobody else will.”

Helen’s energy and enthusiasm for growing the business hasn’t been dimmed by the rapid progress made over the last 13 years. It has, for example, been one of the main reasons that she decided Hydraulics Online should pursue an ISO 9001 accreditation.

“I felt strongly that ISO 9001 was right for us as a business. On a practical level, as we attracted more overseas trade, we were increasingly asked about the standard by new customers on their vendor questionnaires. But, more than that, I felt that it would enable us to consolidate what we had achieved so far, in terms of quality and customer service, and make sure that we can retain those standards as we grow. I wanted to put us through our paces though, and decided that the only way to do it properly was to secure accreditation directly from the British Standards Institute themselves. The process has been invaluable in sharpening our thinking – years on and the whole team is always alert to opportunities to work more effectively. It’s just the way we do things now.”

Quality First

We’ve been ISO 9001 accredited since February, 2014. In this time, we’ve been able to gather more information from our customers about what they want, and Helen credits the process with helping Hydraulics Online to refine and understand our value proposition.

“For us, it has never been about shifting boxes,” asserts Helen. “anyone can do that. We are more about the people than the products. Everyone knows that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, but our team are so rich technically  – over 80 years between them at the last count – and we want to share that knowledge. We genuinely want to support our customers; we won’t suggest something if we don’t think it’s right for them. We like our customers to think of us as an extension of their own team.”

Hydraulics Online’s independent status has also been a key part of building this trust.

“We have never wanted to be in anyone else’s pocket – having to keep a certain amount of stock, or push a particular manufacturer’s product range – so independence has always been important to us as we have continued to build the business. Since gathering customer feedback under ISO 9001 and as we have worked with our customers to write case studies, we’ve discovered that this independence is also highly prized by our customers.”

“It means they know we have no bias, we only sell quality products that we know are right for the job. If it isn’t right, we won’t put our name to it.”

It’s All About the Team

Helen’s clear vision of the values of Hydraulics Online permeates every aspect of business operations, not only the customer-facing elements.

“We’ve built Hydraulics Online while our own young family is growing up, so we know that life never fits neatly into the weekends or after 5pm, ” she says. “Since our Finance and Administration Manager, Joanna, joined our team she is now able to go to her sons’ school assemblies and, last year, she attended their school sports day for the first time.”

“It’s really sad she wasn’t able to go in the past. Ensuring our staff have the same flexibility that we’ve been able to enjoy is really important to us. We want to retain this balance as we grow because the future success of Hydraulics Online is very much about the team.”


Helen was interviewed for a local radio station after Hydraulics Online was recognised for a startling three awards at the South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce 2017 Business Awards.

Listen to the interview in full here. 

Hydraulics Online, Elon Musk et SpaceX Hyperloop

HypED est un projet dirigé par des étudiants de l’Université d’Édimbourg qui est un parcours réussi pour les ingénieurs britanniques dans le projet Hyperloop d’Elon Musk, et en faisant preuve d’innovation un nouvel avenir pour l’hydraulique dans le processus.

L’une des 24 équipes à être finaliste pour la finale du concours Hyperloop de Space-X pour concevoir un transport pod pour cette phénoménale nouvelle  mode de transport passionnant, HypED stretch la notion de “technologies disruptives” à ses limites.

Lorsque, en mai 2017, l’équipe HypED était à la recherche de fournisseurs pour les pièces hydrauliques qui serait utilisé dans les systèmes de freinage de son pod Hyperloop, l’un des fournisseurs, approché était Hydraulics Online.

Collaboration unique

Le président d’HypED, Adam Anyszewski, explique: “Nous avions besoin de deux choses: les tarifs étudiants les pièces et la fabrication et, d’autre part, conseil en design. Hydraulics Online était le seul fournisseur qui a répondu à nos deux exigences.”

Et, comme il s’est avéré,que la conception d` Hydraulics Online servis de conseils ont eu des avantages majeurs le projet HypED.

“L’apport que nous avons obtenu avec Hydraulics Online était vraiment quelque chose que nous ne pouvions pas obtenir autre part.”

Adam dit: “Nous avions notre conception idéaliste de comment nous voulions que cela fonctionne, puis Hydraulics Online nous a aidés à le prendre à partir d’une idée sur papier à un design réel qui peut être fabriqué efficacement.”

“L’information que nous avons reçue d’Hydraulics Online était vraiment quelque chose que nous ne pouvions pas obtenir ailleurs. Ils ont été très, très utiles car ils avait la connaissance des parties disponibles, la connexion, toutes les exigences de sécurité, et l`aspects du design dont nous n’étions pas conscients.”

“Fondamentalement, ils nous ont aidés à  prendre le concept à un travail de conception qui a atteint la fonctionnalité d’une manière sûre et certifiée “.

Des délais très serrés

L’entrée d’Hydraulics Online fut encore plus indispensable au succès du projet lorsqu` en Mai, l’équipe hydraulique de l’équipe HypED était incapable; gravement blesser a l` épaule ce qui a compromis son implication.

Avec des délais serrés , l’équipe n’a reçu que les spécifications de la compétition de Space-X en avril et le prototype devant être expédié  en Californie en août pour participer à la finale de la compétition, Adam dit: “Hydraulics Online certainement à la hauteur de leur parole quand ils disent “laissez nous prendre la pression !”.”

“C’était vraiment une situation désastreuse. L` hydraulique en ligne empêché beaucoup de stress. Ils ont travaillé en étroite collaboration avec nous sur plusieurs itérations et accepté de nous aider à la fabrication et ca nous a vraiment aider a ne plus avoir de  pression. ”

Le service  d’ingénierie sur mesure

En plus de la fabrication d’éléments mécaniques, comme le collecteur, Hydraulics Online a aide Adam et son équipe pour affiner le design et plusieurs façons créer aussi.

“Hydraulics Online nous a aidés à faire de la conception plus résistante “, explique Adam,” ils nous ont aidé à nous assurer que le système est sûr et qu’il a toujours des fonctionnalités ,  même si, par exemple, le système de contrôle échoue ou quant il y a instabilité mécanique. Nous avons maintenant un système qui peut faire face à cela, quelque chose que nous n’avons pas fait pleinement sur la planche à dessin. ”

“Hydraulics Online a pris toute la pression maintenant elle est éteinte.”

L’équipe a également pu réduire le nombre d’accumulateurs préchargés utilisés, de quatre dans le dessin original, à a peut pret deux essais. “Nous avons eu une certaine contagion de conception intégré “, dit Adam,” mais l’hydraulique en ligne est un trucs d’une telle qualité que nous pourrions aller en baisse de quatre à deux accumulateurs. ”

Rêve californien

Ceci est important pour HypED parce que lorsque que le pod fonctionne sur la piste d’essai Space-X en Californie les équipes en compétition sont jugées sur qui a construit l’Hyperloop le plus rapide possible.

“La vitesse dépend de la masse, et le rasage 6kg à 10kgs de poids comme ça, ça nous aidera a atteindre une vitesse plus élevée et un meilleur résultat dans la concurrence,” dit Adam.

“Arriver en Californie est super excitant et super-stressant mais la capacité de Hydraulics Online qui a pris la pression sur nous a été tres important.”

“Can you let the boys know that they are providing us with great service, parts and information in all our locations. Your service is prompt and reliable; you’re our “go to” guys when it comes to hydraulics.”

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