Danfoss Closed Circuit High Power Pumps and Motors

Danfoss closed circuit high power pumps and motors will meet the toughest demands of the off-road mobile market…

The Danfoss closed circuit high power pumps and motors feature common design technologies and assembly techniques. Overall, they offer simpler, high performance designs with fewer parts than previous hydrostatic products. Designed for smaller package sizes, Danfoss H1 pumps provide design engineers with more freedom and flexibility in system design. Features and benefits include:

Danfoss Closed Circuit High Power Pumps and Motors

  • Compact designs offering high power density;
  • Complete family of manual, electric and hydraulic displacement controls and electrical automotive controls;
  • Various motor displacements available in SAE flange, cartridge and DIN ISO flange configuration;
  • Motor ranges with fixed, 2-position and continuously variable displacement controls, including the zero degree option;
  • New intrinsically safe (including ATEX and CSA certifications) control options (EDC, PCP) for S90 pumps reduces costs and increases ease of service for use in hazardous environments.
  • Greater overall vehicle efficiency
  • SIL 2 certified Automotive Control (H1 AC)
  • Optimized for modern control systems
  • Improved fuel economy and reduced heat load
  • Proven operating performance and increased productivity

The range comprises:

  • H1 pump – H1 axial piston pumps, single and tandem: H1P045, H1P053, H1P060, H1P068, H1P069, H1P078, H1P089, H1P100, H1P115, H1P130, H1P147, H1P165, H1P210, H1P250
  • Series 90 (S90) pump;
  • ATEX certified control for S90;
  • H1 bent axis variable motor, available in sizes: 060, 080, 110, 160, 250;
  • Series 90 (S90)  fixed / variable motor;
  • Series 51 (S51) and series 51-1 (S51-1) bent axis variable displacement motors. 

Danfoss Closed Circuit High Power Pumps and Motors

CatalogueClick here to visit our catalogue and view a sample of some of the hydraulic motors we have within our range; if you can’t find the hydraulic motor that you’re looking for then complete our Stock Enquiry Form or for more technical advice contact one of our experienced hydraulic engineers.

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