Parker Denison Gold Cup Pumps

PARKER Denison Gold Cup pumps are variable displacement axial piston pumps of an unparalleled rugged design…

Denison Gold Cup Pumps

Rated to 5000 PSI (350 BAR) continuous pressure and continuous duty, the Denison gold cup pumps design has the unique feature of an internal servo/replenish and the ability to utilize system over pressure to directly control the stroking chambers.

The Denison gold cup pumps series is available as:

  • open circuit, variable displacement models: Goldcup P6V, P7V, P8V, P11V and P14V;
  • closed circuit variable displacement models: Goldcup P series pumps and Goldcup R series tandem pumps: P6P/R, P7P/R, P8P/R, P11P/R, P14P/R, P24P/R and P30P/R.

Rugged and efficient, The GOLD CUP series boosts productivity with hydrostatic piston pumps and motors that deliver exceptional performance in the most severe applications. Featuring a robust barrel bearing design and hydraulically controlled rocker cam, GOLD CUP pumps and motors provide proven durability and reliable pressure control.

A closed circuit design makes GOLD CUP series pumps and motors ideal for bi-directional function and eliminates energy losses associated with circuit valving. GOLD CUP’s high power-to-weight ratio, compact package, and flexibility in control options and mounting locations offer significant value-added benefits. These include lower operating costs, ease of installation, and improved longevity for reduced downtime.

The Denison gold cup pumps series has been designed to operate in a wide range of industries needing closed-loop control, high pressure, high power density including: Oil & Gas, Marine, Energy, Government, Industrial, Factory Automation, Rubber & Tyre Processing, Mining, Power Generation and Rail.

Features and benefits of the Gold Cup pump series include:

  • modular controls and quick change valve block – easy to service or replace;
  • versatile controls – can be located on either side of the pump for maximum freedom of design;
  • dampened low inertia rocker cam more stable, quieter and faster than other designs;
  • exclusive zero-backlash rotary servo design offering lifetime accuracy;
  • field adjustable compensator override, easily adjusted without removing from machinery;
  • precision barrel bearing, a distinctive Parker Denison Hydraulics feature for over 30 years – permits high speeds, high pressure and long life;
  • ring style replenishing checks fastest operation with no sliding poppets or parts and low pressure drop;
  • hot oil shuttle available – fast, reliable operation;
  • auxiliary pump can be changed without disassembling the transmission;
  • standard SAE keyed or splined drive shafts ar available;
  • high pressure mechanical shaft seals can be changed without disassembling the transmission (excluding the P24 and P30 models) with double lip seals also available;
  • one piece stroking vane/cam means no lost motion, zero backlash, better control, and no linkages to wear out;
  • stroking vane seals are pressure loaded for for longer life;
  • standard compensator vent ports allow for a wide variety of controls;
  • rocker cam displacement indicator helps troubleshoot the system;
  • modulated servo pressure saves power;
  • standard Code 62 SAE split flange connections;
  • fastest compensator response: gives maximum of 10% pressure overshoot at rated conditions (guaranteed times under all conditions, faster response times possible depending upon application);
  • certification approvals: ATEX, ABS, MIL-P-17869A and MIL-S-901-C Grade A.

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Denison Gold Cup Pumps

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