Denison Vane Pumps

Denison vane pumps are recognised as among the strongest products in the hydraulics industry and distinguished by their unique patented double-lip design…

Denison Vane Pumps

Denison vane pumps operate at pressures in excess of 4,500 pounds per square inch, varying in size from 0.35 cubic inches to 16 cubic inches, and in displacement from 1 to 250 gallons per minute. Denison vane pumps, recognized as among the strongest products in the industry, are distinguished by their unique double-lip design, in which the vane is in contact with the cam ring at two points rather than at one as with the single-lip design. This double-lip design makes Denison hydraulic vane pumps less susceptible to contamination than single-lip pumps.

Designed especially for high/low circuits, Denison vane pumps offer a combination of different cartridges in double and triple pumps and a low flow at high pressure (300 bar maximum) and high flow at lower pressure. This is a clever way to optimize your circuit design. Denison hydraulic vane pumps also allow a very fast pressure cycle change with a very precise flow repeatability.

Other advantages and design features of Denison single, double and triple vane pumps include:

  • high pressure capability of up to 4650 PSI, reduces installation costs and provides extended life at reduced pressure;
  • high volumetric efficiency, typically better than 94%, reduces heat generation and allows speeds down to 600 RPM at full pressure;
  • high mechanical efficiency, typically better than 94%, reduces energy consumption;
  • wide speed range (600 RPM at 3600 RPM), combined with large size cartridge;
  • low noise levels increasing operator safety and acceptance;
  • low speed (600 RPM), low pressure, high viscosity (3900 SUS) allows application in cold environment with minimum energy consumption and without risk of seizure;
  • low ripple pressure (± 29 PSI) reduces piping noise and increases lifetime of other components in the circuit;
  • high resistance to particle contamination, because of the double lip vane,increases pump life;
  • large variety of options (cam displacement, shaft, porting) allows customized installation;
  • cartridge concept supports drop-in assemblies and allows easy conversion and service.

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Denison Vane Pumps

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