Eaton Hydraulic Hoses and Hose Fittings

We provide a range of Eaton hydraulic hoses and hose fittings including A/C & refrigeration, beverage dispensing, biodiesel hose, high pressure, industrial hose Lifesense™, low & medium pressure and many more…

Designed with a series of operating pressure ranges, optimal levels of abrasion resistance, long shelf-life and superior transfer abilities, Eaton hydraulic hoses and hose fittings provide the ideal fluid conveyance solutions for a diverse range of equipment and applications around the globe.

GH 100 imageBiodiesel Hose: Believing in a future for sustainable hydraulics, Eaton’s biodiesel hose products are tried, tested and manufactured for high performance in tank-to-tank transfer and applications where engines may reach a high-temperature. No matter how it is utilised—trucks, buses, agriculture, construction, eco-friendly power—It has been proven that Eaton biofuel fluid conveyance products are up for any challenge.

Air & Multiple PurposeAir & Multiple Purpose: Eaton multipurpose hoses are tailored to meet the specific needs and industry specifications of range of applications. These hoses include minimal working pressures, large bore sizes and great transfer abilities, Eaton’s versatile selection of hoses are beneficial to a variation of markets from high-pressures employed in heavy construction, to light-duty in agricultural and some manufacturing equipment.

Chemical ServiceChemical Service: Choosing the right hose for your application is vital when dealing with chemical service. Elements of the Eaton industrial hose components include maximum chemical resistance to easily move contaminated or hazardous materials and most importantly, branded and colour-coded to help you decide on the right hose for your application.


Cleaning ServiceCleaning Service: Found mainly in cleaning and sandblasting operations, traits of the Eaton hose components include a range of sizes and durable options to help satisfy the reuquirements of your application.



H201 EasyCouple imageEaton Easy Couple® H201 Hose: Eaton Easy Couple is a well-known name in hosing for air, water and general purpose operations. Easy Couple surpasses competitive working pressures, in a range of sizes, including size -16. H201 works with fuel, lubricating oils, air and water. Easy Couple is utilised in a diverse range of applications from machine tools to MRO programs.

Easy Couple is manufactured to be cost-effective and dependable and have a longer shelf-life.

Food Service IndustryFood Service Industry: When there’s a higher risk of contamination in food service, quality and safety is paramount. Eaton’s branded and colour-coded hoses offer quality, durability and they are easy to use, making them the ideal solution for food and beverage transfer.


General PurposeGeneral Purpose: Eaton offers a wide variety of thermoset and thermoplastic hoses manufactured out of materials such as (but not exclusively) EPDM, PVC, PU, and EVA for use in a selection of general purpose applications including air, water, pesticide, and light chemical transfer.

Eaton has a comprehensive scope used in operations such as lawns, golf courses, and municipal service.

Material HandlingMaterial Handling: Eaton makes it easy to find the perfect solution for any material-handling application, thanks to their range of hydraulic hoses. If you’re looking for a high-pressure braided and spiral hoses for hydraulic systems to low-pressure, small-bore industrial hoses, Eaton ensures each hose satisfies the requirements of the application and is made with the highest quality.


Petroleum ServicePetroleum Service: It is imperative that in the petroleum industry, there are no faulty or broken hoses as there can be severe consequences. Tube and covers on Eaton industrial hoses are selected specially and designed to offer increased product life even in the harshest environments and tough application requirements. Every industrial, hydraulic and thermoplastic hose from Eaton enables ease of use and features an array of low to high pressures, bore sizes, weights, lengths and transfer capacities to provide safety, performance and flexibility for all applications and needs.

Suction & DischargeSuction & Discharge: Designed to enable you to meet the requirements of your application, Eaton offers a diverse range of high quality, pressure and vacuum-resistant hoses in both braided and spiral styles, which utilise the brand new technology in wire and synthetic yarns to maximize durability, flexibility and allow easy use.


Eaton Aeroquip Triple CrownEaton Aeroquip® Triple Crown: Choose from a range of Aeroquip hydraulic hoses, including MatchMate® Global hoses and FC254 hose, which feature better hose construction technologies for example; enhanced wire reinforcement designs and processing, new insulation materials, and enhanced hose manufacturing processes. Aeroquip Triple Crown boasts higher pressure ratings, greater working temperatures, and better abrasion resistance contributing to extended hose life in applications demanding significant performance.

Eaton DYNAMAX EC850 500 Bar Spiral HoseEaton DYNAMAX™ EC850 500 Bar Spiral Hose: Eaton’s DYNAMAX EC850 ultra-high pressure spiral hose combines newer technologies and advancements in tube compounds, spiral reinforcement and cover compounds which deliver exceptional malleability and abrasion resistance. DYNAMAX EC850 provides outstanding performance when used in hydraulic systems demanding operating pressures up to 500 bar (7,250 psi).

Eaton EC525 AQP™ PLUS Hi-Temp 4-Spiral Hose: Eaton’s AQP PLUS elastomer is the compound used in the new EC525 high performance 4-spiral hose. The AQP PLUS compound increases hose life with a extensive scope of hydraulic fluids versus standard rubber compounds.


Eaton ICE CHAMPION™ EC810: The ICE CHAMPION EC810 hose has a tough MSHA rated and abrasion-resistant cover, qualities that are suited for extreme-duty applications on construction equipment, oil and gas rigs, mining equipment, and other high pressure operations in wintry environments.


Eaton SAFESHIELD™ EC910 High Pressure Waterblast: The safest method for industrial cleaning is high pressure waterblasting, by removing materials including corrosion, paint, chemical and organic residues. It is important to ensure safety in these types of applications because of the high water pressure. Eaton’s SAFESHIELD EC910 waterblast hose provides the best protection whilst remaining efficient and cost-effective.

WeatherHead Products Big Weatherhead: In 2002, Weatherhead® became part of Eaton and as such provides one of the industry’s largest offerings of hydraulic hose, hose ends, assembly equipment, tube fittings, couplings and support accessories. Weatherhead products can be found in construction, mining, agriculture, truck and bus applications. Eaton can also provide Weatherhead thermoplastic tubing in sizes from 1/8th through 1 inch to use in robotics, air tools, air and water supply, and beverage dispensing.

CNG HoseSpecialty & Truck: Eaton Aeroquip® and Weatherhead® hoses and connector systems are designed to remain durable, maintain expansive operating temperatures and includes flexible sizes required for many medium- and heavy-duty operations, including trucks, buses, engines and chassis.


GH001 Hose imageA/C & Refrigeration: Due to their range having low permeation rates, Eaton air conditioning and refrigeration hoses satisfy both the latest SAE J2064 conditions and requirements to increase efficiency, dependability in hydraulic systems. Eaton creates a range of both hoses and complimenting connectors—including the revolutionary patented Eaton E-Z Clip System—to stop refrigerant leakage.

AccessoriesAccessories: Eaton offer a range of configurations and sizes for their accessories, boasting high quality products covering a range of clamps, protective sleeves, hose cleaning services and metal products.



Beverage DispensingBeverage Dispensing: Eaton Synflex® and Eaton Arrow Flo-Guard® hose and tubing products have a huge influence over the beverage dispensing industry, as they eradicate external impurites, maintaining flavour principles, assisting in fast flavour changeover and being resistant to gas permeation. Whether for frozen, hot, carbonated, alcoholic or any other kind of beverage, Eaton has a dispensing hose ideal for the application. All of their products are manufactured under ISO 9000 certifications and satisfy the necessary industry standards including NSF-51, NSF-61, FDA, 3-A and ASTM E84-94.

LifeSenseEaton LifeSense® Hydraulic Hose Condition Monitoring: When there are unforeseen hydraulic hose failures, there could be serious financial consequences. Eaton have developed a solution that would enable customers to deal with hydraulic power safely and efficiently. Eaton’s LifeSense®, a smart hydraulic hose condition monitoring system that finds failures within a hose and gives advance notification that the product is nearing the end of its shelf-life.

Low & Medium PressureLow & Medium Pressure: With a characteristic of the low & medium pressure hoses being their push-on connections, Eaton’s low-pressure hoses feature hi-temperature AQP, abrasion-resistant covers to withstand a tough service life and a colour-covered hose for simple installation identification. Not only that, but Eaton has a huge variety of medium-pressure braided hoses and fittings to satisfy the demands of many hydraulic applications, including general hydraulic systems and mobile and industrial equipment.

PTFE imagePTFE: Eaton Everflex® hoses are made with tough Teflon® Resin, meaning extreme temperature and abrasion resistance. Found in a number of applications where chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction, flexibility and non-ageing features are paramount, Eaton Everflex hoses are the ideal Teflon® Resin hoses for trucks, chemicals, hot melt, paper and pulp, hot presses, steam, packaging, paint and machinery.

Specialty Construction imageSpecialty Construction: If you’re application reaches temperatures between +150°C or -57°C, Eaton specialty construction hoses are designed to withstand these kinds of climates. Tailored with materials like abrasion-resistant UHMW covers and EPDM compounds for use with phosphate ester hydraulic fluids means they operate in the toughest conditions.


SubSea imageSubSeaInnovative, non-collapsible Eaton Synflex® subsea hoses are tailored to satisfy the toughest industry demands, including API 17E. Specialising in producing long, continual lengths of hose, Eaton provide high-quality subsea hoses for many applications globally.


Thermoplastic Hose imageThermoplastic Hose: Versatile and durable, Eaton Synflex® thermoplastic hosing is perfect for meeting hydraulic, truck, subsea and specialty equipment requirements. Eaton has designed lightweight, long-lasting hoses in varying lengths to fulfil the requirements of even the most uncommon and toughest of applications.


Truck Air Brake TubingTruck Air Brake Tubing: Eaton’s Synflex® product brings innovation to the transportation industry. Eaton Synflex now includes flexible Eclipse® tubing products with remarkable durability and excellent resistance to oil, grease, gas, fuel, salts, moisture and chemicals.


Eaton Hydraulic Hoses and Hose Fittings

Tube Assemblies: Eaton’s thermoplastic tubing products can be customised and are the ideal solution for applications including drain, air, water, chemical, powder, fuel and oil transfer lines. Made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PU), PVDF, nylon, linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA), the thermoplastic products can be tailored to meet FDA, NSF, UL, SAE, Mil-Spec and other trade specifications.

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Eaton Hydraulic Hoses and Hose Fittings

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