Eaton Hydraulic Cylinders

We provide a range of Eaton hydraulic cylinders including G series large tie rod, I series isometric, L series light duty pneumatics, M series mill duty and many more…

We offer both standard and bespoke Eaton hydraulic cylinders, exhibit high quality and a diverse range of features enabling them to remain reliable even for the toughest of environments worldwide. Applications such as offshore drilling rigs, steel mills and intricate machinery mean Eaton’s range of threaded, welded, mill duty, and custom pneumatic, hydraulic and electrohydraulic cylinders and standard industrial tie rods are designed for any challenge. These Eaton hydraulic cylinders are available in bore sizes ranging from 20 mm (0.75 in) to 1500 mm (60 in) and strokes up to 22 m (900 in).

G Series - Large Tie Rod imageG Series Large Tie Rod: With a large assortment of standard large bore tie rod cylinders available, Eaton’s cylinders are able to work for an array of different stationary manufacturing and processing industries. Eaton VG Series and Hydro-Line® HG Series cylinders come in standard bore sizes from 254 mm to 762 mm (10 to 30 in) and stroke lengths up to 7620 mm (300 in). Their nitride steel bearings offer greater load capacity, increased durability and ultimate corrosion resistance to satisfy and exceed the requirements of the most challenging applications.

  • Unitized rod cartridge means greater reliability, performance and serviceability;
  • SAE 45-degree flare meets industry standard fitting;
  • Tapered cushion valve increases cushion performance for a smoother experience than stepped;
  • Virtually limitless options maximise application flexibility;
  • Rolled tie rods, high-yield strength tubes and pistons, and steel heads and caps result in an ultra heavy-duty product;
  • Available bespoke versions offer significantly larger bore sizes and longer strokes.

I Series Isometric imageI Series Isometric: Satisfying both application requirements and ISO industry standards are the Eaton hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders and electrohydraulic cylinders. Available in a variety of sizes—from 25 mm to 200 mm bore and 8 m stroke—and with a diverse range of mounting, port style and other standard options, these flexible cylinders are manufactured with durable grey iron bearings to allow them to keep operating rigorously.

  • Essentially endless options increase possible applications;
  • Unitised rod cartridge improves reliability, performance and serviceability;
  • Captive and tapered cushion valve increases safety with best-in-class, smoother cushion performance.

L Series Light Duty Pneumatics imageL Series Light Duty Pneumatics: Flexibility, compact design, corrosion resistance and better performance—Eaton L-Series pneumatic cylinders are designed to be the ideal light-duty solution for high-velocity, low-pressure applications. Utilised predominantly in stationary applications in manufacturing and processing, these cylinders reach a broad range of bore sizes and stroke lengths to satisfy the demands of most systems.

  • ISO 6431/VDMA 24562 Air Cylinder: Packaging, bottling, material handling, machine tools, auto assembly and commercial laundry.
  • Rodless Air Cylinder: Paper mill & textile slitters, palletizers, material handling, packaging, machine access doors, conveyors and transfer lines.
  • Stainless Steel Air Cylinder (NFPA): Food processing, packaging, medical, milking parlors and automatic car washes.
  • Non-Rotating Cylinder (NFPA): Machine tool, fixturing, clamping, stamping and packaging.

N Series - NFPA Tie Rod imageN Series – NFPA Tie Rod: Raising the standard and improving the safety and performance of hydraulic systems is Eaton’s comprehensive line of NFPA-compliant industrial tie rod cylinders. With hydraulic, pneumatic and electrohydraulic types, these cylinders range in bore sizes from 1 in (25.4 mm) to 8 in (203 mm) and up to 300 in (8 m) stroke with a variety of mounting, port style and other standard options to meet the demands of many applications.

  • Unitised rod cartridge improves reliability, performance and serviceability;
  • Captive and tapered cushion valve increases safety with best-in-class, smoother cushion performance;
  • Grey iron bearings optimise wear properties and increase durability.

 M-Series Mill Duty imageM Series Mill Duty: Eaton M-Series mill duty cylinders are tailored to meet the demands of primary metals customers for applications comprising arc furnaces, slab casters, rolling mills, coating lines and more. Available in standard bore sizes from 50 mm (2.0 in) to 400 mm (16.0 in) with strokes up to 8 m (300 in)—as well as bespoke configurations—these powerful cylinders are manufactured to endure intense and demanding environments.

  • Designs remove sizing confusion by including both U.S. and metric;
  • Threaded flange design improves performance and shortens lead times;
  • Heavy duty, high-yield strength steel materials increase durability, including the flange;
  • Bearing design improves performance in demanding applications.

 T-Series Threaded imageT Series Threaded: With their compact envelope size and powerful capabilities, Eaton T-Series threaded cylinders are designed for many applications, from waste processing and material handling to machine tools and general machinery. Available in standard bore sizes from 20 mm (0.75 in) to 200 mm (8.0 in) and stroke sizes up to 4.5 m (180 in), these cylinders are manufactured with solid materials and durable construction for increased operation.

  • High-yield steel components and threaded body and head ensure robust load abilities;
  • Compact envelope, including threaded body and heads, removes the need for tie rods;
  • Ductile iron piston secured to piston rod with a torqued self-locking nut improves reliability;
  • Pressure-energized nitrile lip-type seals create exceptional sealing systems;
  • Flexible cushion seals and elastomeric lip seals provide excellent cushioning and immediate response on return stroke.

W Series Industrial WeldedW Series Industrial Welded: Reducing system leaks in balers, waste processing and material handling applications with the original sealing design of Eaton W-Series industrial-grade welded cylinders. Made from high-yield strength steel, these cylinders feature a lengthy duty life to keep systems functioning smoother, stronger and longer.

  • High-yield strength steel components result in industrial-grade cylinders;
  • Piloted ductile iron piston in one piece ensures concentricity;
  • Steel port boss creates full thread, pressure-tight porting connection;
  • Non-metallic wear band offers strong side load protection;
  • Original sealing with specially-designed, high duro-meter, mechanically loaded piston and rod seals virtually eliminate seal leakage.

RE Series imgR Series Medium Duty NFPA Tie Rod: Eaton’s comprehensive range of R series cylinders is ANSI B93.15 and NFPA interchangeable. Eaton Vickers ® RE Series and Hydro-Line® R5 Series cylinders come in 19 different mounting styles and standard bore sizes from 1 to 20 inches. The unitized pilot fitted rod bearing provides maximum bearing support and wear resistance to improve performance, reliability and serviceability.

  • Detachable unitised pilot fitted rod bearing increases maximum bearing support and wear resistance to improve performance, reliability and serviceability;
  • Fully adjustable cushioning system allows maximum acceleration and faster cycle times;
  • Captive cushion screws prevent inadvertent cushion screw removal for increases safety;
  • Chrome plated steel body tube for maximum durability and corrosion resistance.

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Eaton Hydraulic Cylinders

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