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We provide a large range of Eaton hydraulic motors including Char-Lynn Geroler/Geroter Motors, Gear Motors and many more…

Thanks to their dependability, safety and efficient performance, you can be assured that the Eaton hydraulic motors range can carry out tasks even in demanding environments and for tough requirements. Eaton Gerotor/Geroler®, gear, piston and vane motors can be utilised in a large range of applications ranging from Low-Speed, High-Torque (LSHT) to high-speed, high-power needs.

Disc Valve Motor – Medium Pressure Geroler MotorDisc Valve Motors: Eaton manufactures disc valve motors that offer higher flows and pressures than spool valve motors. If your system requires either a standard mount, wheel mount or bearingless configurations, Eaton disc valve motors deliver performance that can help you surpass your competition for a variety of applications.


Spool Valve Motor – Low Pressure Geroler MotorSpool Valve Motors: These Eaton hydraulic motors are small but powerful and combine the perfect union of features for a variation of difficult applications, ranging from harvesting equipment to food processing plants. With hydrodynamic journal bearings developed for longevity, these spool valve motors distribute pressurised fluid via integrated valve slots into the Gerotor or Geroler® orbit gear set. The spool valve section can then be optimised for decreased flow, minimum speed requirements and it’ll keep components running smoothly.

VIS MotorsVIS Motors: Low-Speed, High-Torque (LSHT) hydraulic technology with heavy-duty, pressure-balanced, Eaton Char-Lynn Valve-in-Star (VIS) motors make up some of the features in Eaton’s VIS motors. Found in closed-loop applications, these compact, sturdy VIS motors are the ideal solution for grinders, sprayers, augers and other equipment, delivering higher pressure capabilities and greater efficiency than other variations of LSHT hydraulic motors.

S26-Aluminum-Gear-MotorsS26 Aluminum Gear Motors: Eaton’s S26 Aluminium gear motors allow you to diminish noise pollution and pressure ripple in hydraulic systems for tractors and harvesters, turf care equipment, lift trucks. Due to its pressure balanced, die-cast aluminum design, these compact, pre-engineered bidirectional motors embody many functions and are available with displacements from 7.0 cc (0.43 cu in)/rev to 31.8 cc (1.94 cu in) per revolution for operating pressures up to 240 bar (3500 psi) and max speeds up to 4,000 rpm.

Bent Axis MotorsBent Axis Motors: Eaton bent axis motors are rigorously tried and tested before they’re equipped in the hydraulic systems of industrial equipment and vehicles. Not only do they have flexible open- or closed-circuit operation capabilities, these motors are tailored for dependable operation in on- and off-highway mobile applications.


DuraForce Piston MotorsDuraForce® HMV, HMR, HMA and HMF Series: Eaton’s DuraForce axial piston motors feature the HMV, HMR, HMA and HMF Series— delivering high efficiency, precision control and durability throughout many years of service. Available in displacements from 35 cc to 280 cc (2.14 cu in to 17.1 cu in) per revolution at operating pressures up to 420 bar (6,100 psi), these efficient motors guarantee high productivity for any system.

Mobile Applications-Heavy Duty Piston MotorsHeavy Duty Piston: Even demanding conditions aren’t a problem for the heavy-duty components from Eaton. Due to their cast-iron housing and fixed-clearance slipper design, both the Heavy-Duty Model Series 1 Fixed Displacement and Model Series 1 Variable Displacement piston motors are known for high quality, long shelf-life and efficiency.


EatonME SeriesHydrokraft MV(F)X and MF(F)W: Our Hydrokraft axial piston motors are customised with the largest shaft bearings available for full through-drive capability and long life in applications that require extra attention, such as offshore and oilfield markets. Hydrokraft products are flexible to any application due to the variety of fluids they handle (including water-glycol) as well as their available control options, including full overcenter capabilities.

ME Series: Ideal for applications such as directional drilling machinery, top head drives, marine winches and more, Eaton ME Series motors include a double swash plate design and multiple opposed pistons. The low-speed, high-torque design of the ME Series means smooth operation whilst decreasing torque ripple for optimal power output.


Medium Duty Piston MotorsMedium Duty Piston: When coupled with Eaton pumps, the resulting Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) provides a constant rotary motion at a remote location from the power source, making them perfect for off-highway vehicle applications including skid-steer loaders, trenchers railroad maintenance equipment and more.


M Vane Motors M Vane Motors: Eaton M Series vane motors give years of reliable operation in elevator scraper drives, hydrostatic drives and more. They include inlet/outlet ports that can be pressurised together whilst maintaining smooth operation. Options include 12 torque ratings from 4,7 to 33,9 Nm/6,9 bar, speeds from 400 to 3,600 rpm continuous and 4000 rpm intermittent, and pressures up to 155 bar continuous and 172 bar intermittent.

Trade DriveSwing Drive Motors: These Eaton hydraulic motors have been designed especially to be compatible with popular installation requirements, including in excavators, cranes, concrete pumps and more globally. With energy-absorbing mechanical shocks to allow a smooth ride and a compact design with high power density, these swing drive motors provide exceptional performance whilst saving energy with higher mechanical and volumetric efficiencies.

Track DriveTrack Drive Motors: The list of applications for these Eaton hydraulic motors includes but is certainly not limited to winches, cranes, excavators and pavers due to their versatile design. They have previously increased mechanical and volumetric efficiency, and aided smoother acceleration and deceleration in a range of machine applications.


Radial Piston Motor imagesRadial Piston Motors: Hydre-MAC is a low-speed, high torque (LSHT) direct drive radial piston motor – featuring a cam lobe design – for a variation of speed industrial applications.



Technical data: Eaton hydraulic motor range

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