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We provide a range of Eaton hydraulic pumps including external gear pumps, piston open circuit – industrial, piston open circuit – mobile and many more…

With a comprehensive range of Eaton hydraulic pumps in the industry, they provide superior practicality and durability for a selection of industrial and mobile systems. No matter the sizes or operating pressures needed, Eaton has the ideal pump for the toughest hydraulic applications.

S26 & L2 Aluminum Gear PumpsAluminium Gear: With a die-cast aluminium housing, end cover and flange protecting the fixed bushing internals, characteristics of the S26 and L2 Eaton hydraulic pumps include a rigid structure that can adapt to multiple functions. Available in displacements from 6.6 to 55.2 cc (0.40 to 3.37 in³) with maximum pressure ratings of 240 bar (3,500 psi) and input speeds up to 3600 rpm, these pumps are a compact, pre-engineered package. They’re usually found in many industrial and agricultural equipment applications.

DuraForce® HPR Series: The accuracy and durability of Eaton DuraForce HPR Series Pumps make them a real contender for highly efficient vehicle control systems for applications such as agriculture, forestry, construction and mining. With displacements from 55 cc to 280 cc (3.57 to 17.1 cu in) at operating pressures up to 420 bar (6100 psi), DuraForce HPR Series Pumps include a flexible, modular design that allows them to be directly interchanged across many applications.

PVW & PFW Fixed and Variable O C P PumpsHydrokraft PVW & PFW: Manufactured for primary metals power units, marine cranes, thrusters and more, elements of the Eaton Hydrokraft PVW & PFW Series piston pumps include variable or fixed displacements from 130 cc to 750 cc (7.93 to 44.55 cu in) at operating pressures up to 350 bar (5,075 psi). A tension-rod design and industry-standard mounting capabilities make these open-circuit pumps the ideal component for a range of applications.

PVX & PFX Fixed and Variable O C P PumpsHydrokraft PVX & PFX: The variation of fixed and variable displacements of Eaton PVX & PFX Series piston pumps make them the perfect choice for primary metal power units, test stands, mixer drives and more. They are available in a robust housing enclosure and have displacements from 66 cc to 250 cc (4.03 to 15.26 cu in) at operating pressures up to 350 bar (5,075 psi) for more extensive application.

Vickers B series Variable D O C P PumpsPVB Series: For smaller applications such as conveyor lines, injection molding machines or small presses, consider versatile, compact PVB Series piston pumps from Eaton. With an open-circuit, variable-displacement design, PVB Series piston pumps are available with displacements from 10 to 94 cc (0.6 to 5.74 cu in) and operating pressures up to 210 bar (3,045 psi).


Vickers H series D O C P PumpsPVH Series: For mid-range applications like machine tools, plastics or construction, Eaton PVH Series piston pumps are available in displacements from 57 to 141 cc (3.48 to 8.67 cu in) at operating pressures up to 250 bar (3,625 psi). Featuring a comprehensive range of control options, including torque-limiting abilities, the PVH Series offers a great deal of flexibility and durability to help keep equipment remaining efficient.


Vickers M series D O C P PumpsPVM Series: Press brakes, injecting molding machines, extruders—lots of different applications necessitate a wide displacement range and they will use Eaton PVM Series piston pumps to their advantage. With a variable displacement from 18 cc to 141 cc (1.1 to 8.6 cu in) at operating pressures up to 315 bar (4,500 psi) and a multitude of sophisticated features, the PVM Series piston pump decreases noise emissions by more than 50% for silent, efficient operation.

Vickers Q series Variable D O C P PumpsPVQ Series: Thanks to a minimal operating pressure and reduced variable displacement, Eaton PVQ Series piston pumps are a versatile option for machine tools, small presses and shears, conveyor lines and more. Their displacements range from 10 cc to 45 cc (0.6 to 2.75 cu in) at operating pressures up to 210 bar (3,045 psi) to efficiently manage low-pressure applications.


X20 Portfolio imageX20: The Eaton X20 portfolio of open-circuit piston pumps satisfies the requirements of mobile equipment engineers and users searching for an increase of power density. The dependability and efficiency of these small, weightless pumps makes them the complete solution for a variety of medium-pressure mobile applications.


Medium Duty Pressure FlowMD PFC Series: Even if a hydraulic system is built into a skid steer loader, a boom lift or another important application, the Eaton Medium Duty Pressure or Pressure-Flow Compensated (MD-PFC) Series of piston pumps offers four different options designed specifically for applications that need lightweight design, lower displacements and a multitude of configuration abilities.


PVH SeriesPVH Series: The PVH Series is designed to manage up to 250 bar (3,625 psi), high flow, continual duty operations on mobile equipment, PVH Series pumps are ideal for applications that require skid steer loaders, boom lifts and more.



PVE SeriesPVE Series: Using a die-cast aluminium housing to lower weight, Eaton PVE Series pumps are the complete hydraulic solution for unsupported PTO drive applications. They come with a comprehensive choice of options—including mobile pressure compensation, pressure and flow compensation, and remote pressure control—to increase their versatility across a larger range of applications.

Eaton DuraForce(tm) HPV PumpsDuraForce® HPV Series: The Eaton DuraForce HPV Series offers safety and productivity for the agriculture and forestry, construction and mining markets, with durable axial piston pumps available with displacements from 55 cc to 280 cc (3.57 to 17.1 cu in) at operating pressures up to 420 bar (6,100 psi). With a modular, efficient and cost-effective design, flexible HPV pumps are a perfect choice for hydraulic systems in many industries.

TVW Closed Circuit Piston PumpsTVW Variable: Eaton developed Hydrokraft TVW Series variable closed-circuit piston pumps for industrial applications such as thrusters, marine cranes and turbine starters. With displacements from 130 cc to 750 cc (7.93 to 45.77 cu in) at operating pressures up to 350 bar (5,076 psi), the TVW Series also features a through-drive design, an integrated HST circuit and a wide range of controls to maximize installation and usage flexibility.

TVX Closed Circuit Piston PumpsTVX Variable: The precise controllers of Eaton TVX Series variable closed-circuit piston pumps provide added efficiency in crusher feeder drives, dewatering presses, cranes and more. With a variable displacement from 66 cc to 90 cc (4.0 to 5.5 cu in) at operating pressures up to 350 bar (5,076 psi), the TVX Series also features extra large bearings to reduce the maintenance and downtime for hydraulic systems.

Heavy Duty Heavy Duty: Eaton heavy-duty hydrostatic piston pumps are optimised for the most demanding applications, from combines and farm tractors to construction equipment and timber harvesters. Our Series 1 and Series 2 heavy-duty hydrostatic pumps operate at pressures up to 413 bar (6,000 psi) and input speeds up to 4,510 rpm, all while delivering 10,000-hour B10 bearing life.


Eaton Light Duty Light Duty, Hydrostatic: Eaton light-duty hydrostatic pumps feature a proven radial ball piston design. A perfect complement to the Eaton Char-Lynn® motor product line, these tough, reliable pumps ensure a smooth start on mobile equipment such as lawn tractors and concrete saws where operator comfort is key to productivity.


Medium DutyMedium Duty: Engineers rely on Eaton’s mobile medium-duty closed-circuit hydrostatic piston pumps for exactly that fit in vehicles using mid-range pump/motor hydraulic systems. Rated for operating at pressures up to 380 bar (5,500 psi) while powered by engines of less than 82 kW (110 hp), Eaton hydraulic pumps offer the perfect middle ground solution for a variety of applications.


Vickers V Series PumpsV Series: Incorporating an industry-first, intra-vane cartridge design technology, V Series Eaton hydraulic pumps provide long operating life, outstanding volumetric efficiency and excellent serviceability. Preferred by engineers for indoor applications because of their extremely quiet 12-vane system, these pumps are so well-known for reliability and versatility that they are used all over the world in plastic injection molding, material handling, power units and other industrial applications.

Vickers V10 & V20 PumpsV10 & V20: Field-proven Eaton V10 and V20 fixed displacement vane pumps are a common first choice for medium- to low-pressure mobile and industrial applications all over the world. Available with integrated flow control valves to simplify system design and installation, these pumps are not only widely used as pilot and auxiliary pumps for complex systems, but also on heavy-duty trucks and interstate buses.

Vickers VMQ Series PumpsVMQ Series: With a unique bi-metallic wafer plate design that allows for the increase in viscosity and pressure rise even during cold start-ups, VMQ Series Eaton hydraulic pumps fixed displacement vane pumps handle higher pressures than vane pumps of similar design. This makes them the best choice for combines, balers and compacts, oil field equipment, winches and more.


Vickers VQ(H) Series PumpsVQ(H): Eaton VQ and VQH Series fixed displacement vane pumps feature an industry-first, intra-vane cartridge design, providing long operating life, outstanding volumetric efficiency and excellent serviceability. These 10-vane systems share solid architectures and many available bearing and valve options, but the VQH Series Eaton hydraulic pumps has the added benefit of higher pressures and performance thanks to a new rotor design that reduces leakage and enhances rotor rigidity. VHQ Series pumps also use a strong, ductile iron housing that are the same envelope size as VQ Series pumps for more flexible integration.

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