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Hydac Accumulators

We offer a comprehensive range of Hydac accumulators…

Hydac Accumulators 2

From left to right: Bladder Accumulators, Diaphragm Accumulators, Piston Accumulators and Accumulator Accessories.

HYDAC BLADDER ACCUMULATORS comprise a welded or forged pressure vessel, the Hydac accumulators (bladder) and the armatures for the gas and fluid connections.The range of bladder accumulators comprises: low pressure bladder accumulators, standard or high pressure bladder accumulators and a bladder accumulator unit, ACCSET.

DIAPHRAGM ACCUMULATORS have a flexible diaphragm used as a separation component between a compressible gas cushion and the fluid. Hydac provides a diverse range of over 30 diaphragm accumulators (welded and threaded types) and a variety of different fluid connections.

PISTON ACCUMULATORS have a flexible diaphragm used as separation component between a compressible gas cushion and the fluid. These accumulators include a cylindrical jacket and a processed interior with a screw-in cover and sealing systems.The Hydac piston accumulators range comprises: standard or higher pressure piston accumulators and piston accumulators with piston position controls.

To ensure correct installation and maintenance, Hydac also provide a range of accumulator accessories including; a safety and shut-off block, a charging and testing unit FPU-1 and F+P, nitrogen bottles, accumulator charging valves and nitrogen charging units.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure which Hydac accumulator you need – our experienced team will be able to determine which one will be best suited to your application.

Hydraulics CatalogueVisit our catalogue to see some of the hydraulic components we have within our range. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then call us or complete our Stock Enquiry Form.


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