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Hydac Hydraulics

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Hydac Hydraulics was founded in 1963 in Sulzbach, Germany where the group headquarters are still located today. Today Hydac is one of the leading suppliers of fluid technology, hydraulic and electronic equipment with a comprehensive product range that includes: accumulators, valves, servo control valves, electronics, condition monitoring equipment, filters and filtration equipment, offshore filtration equipment, pumps, cooling systems and other accessories.

HYDAC VALVES: Hydac valves monitor pressure and direction of the flow in hydraulic liquids. These valves offer a wide range of flexibility in the structuring of hydraulic systems – mobile or stationary. The range of Hydac valves includes: pressure valvesflow valvescheck valveshydraulically and manually-operated solenoid directional valvesproportional valvesslip-in cartridge valves and a variety of accessories comprising seal kits, electronic controls, closing plugs, tools and coils for electrical actuation.

HYDAC FILTRATION AND FLUID CONDITIONING: Hydac offer solutions that lengthen service life and provide protection for components. With these filters, benefits include:

  • Highly reliable operation, due to separation valves;
  • Extensive lifespan due to greater contamination retention capacity;
  • Fluid cleanliness, even with a cold start as a result of low pressure losses;
  • Long service lifetime owing to high collapse stability;
  • Low element-disposal through weight reduction;
  • Easy management as the filters are light-weight.

Hydac filtration and fluid conditioning products include: de-watering and other fluid conditioningstatic filtration systems and mobile filtration systems.

HYDAC ACCUMULATORS: With over 50 years’ experience with hydraulic accumulators, Hydac Hydraulics design and manufacture a variety of hydro-pneumatic accumulators ranging from bladder and piston accumulators to diaphragm accumulators. These accumulators are used in many applications in a diverse range of industries. Robust, versatile and compact these accumulators improve the overall performance of machinery and protect and increase the efficiency of hydraulic systems.

HYDAC SENSORS: Hydac sensors are used over a broad range of applications such as:

  • Explosion-hazard atmospheres (ATEX, CSA and IECEx approval);
  • Recording pressures in fluid technology systems;
  • Recording the temperature in a hydraulic system;
  • Recording fill levels in hydraulic systems;
  • Recording cylinder positions in fluid technology systems;
  • Measuring the distance in fluids and objects.

HYDAC MEASUREMENT, DISPLAY AND ANALYSIS: Hydac measurement, display and analysis technology are used in many applications such as:

  • Contamination management (cleanliness management);
  • Gathering and analysing oil samples;
  • Measurement of particles;
  • Displaying and storing measurement data;
  • Aiding in servicing and maintenance of hydraulic systems.
Hydac Hydraulics

From left to right: Hydac Accumulators, Hydac Filtration and Fluid Conditioning, Hydac Sensors, Hydac Measurement, Display and Analysis Systems and Hydac Valves.


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