Hydraulic Actuator

A hydraulic actuator is a hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor that converts hydraulic power into useful mechanical work; the mechanical motion produced may be linear, rotary, or oscillatory…

Hydraulic ActuatorA hydraulic actuator or hydraulic cylinder typically involves a hollow cylinder having a piston inserted in it. An unbalanced pressure applied to the piston provides force that can move an external object. Since liquids are nearly incompressible, a hydraulic cylinder can provide controlled precise linear displacement of the piston. The displacement is only along the axis of the piston.

A familiar example of manually operated hydraulic actuators is a hydraulic car jack. Typically though, the term “hydraulic actuator” refers to a device controlled by a hydraulic pump. A hydraulic actuator can also be designed to fail-open or fail-close to prove a fail-safe feature.

Other types of hydraulic actuator include: Cable Actuators – Clamping Actuators – Compact Actuators – Cylinder Actuators – Diaphragm Actuators – Double-Acting Cushioned Actuators – Double-Acting Non Cushioned Actuators – Hydro-Pneumatic Actuators – Impact Actuators – Liner Actuators – Magnetic Piston Actuators – Non-Rotating Rod Actuators – Positioning Actuators – Rodless Actuators – Rotary Actuators – Self- Reciprocating – Semi-Rotary Actuators – Semi-Rotary Positioning – Servo Actuators

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