Hydraulic Filters

A hydraulic filter is an essential component of any hydraulic system and selecting the right one is vital to safeguard systems performance…

Modern high pressure hydraulic systems are becoming more demanding than ever, with better controls and long component life expected as the “norm”. But higher standards of performance can usually only be achieved when using hydraulic components with smaller tolerances and a greater sensitivity to contamination.

A hydraulic filter is therefore an essential component of any hydraulic system and selecting the right hydraulic filter is absolutely vital to ensure that particle contaminants are removed from the hydraulic fluid before components are jammed or damaged through abrasive wear.

As a leading hydraulic filter supplier we have widespread, competitive access to both leading and niche hydraulic filter manufacturers from around the world. Some of the hydraulic filter manufacturers and brands that we can supply include: Argo Hytos, Donaldson, Eaton Vickers, Hydac, Ikron, MP Filtri and Parker hydraulic filters.

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There are a wide range of hydraulic filtration products including: hydraulic filter elements, suction strainers, return-line hydraulic filters, spin-on return-line hydraulic filters, spin-on canister filters, high pressure hydraulic filter, indicators, breathers, fluid analysis and condition monitoring equipment, cartridge filters, electronic filters, duplex filters, inlet filters, off-line filters, in tank hydraulic filters, reciprocating filters, diaphragm filters, rotary filters, stainless steel filters, suction filters and more, fluid particle counters… all of which we can supply.

So, if you’re looking for a hydraulic filter or even a complex hydraulic lubrication filtration system then you’ve come to the right place.

Hydraulics CatalogueOur catalogue shows a selection of the hydraulic filters and filtration equipment we hold within our range. But don’t worry if you’re not sure on what sort of hydraulic filter you need; our experienced team can help determine the one that will be best suited to your application.



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Hydraulic Filter

A hydraulic filter is an important component of any hydraulic system and selecting the right one is vital to safeguard systems performance... Well, we've always said we can, but in the words of a well-known and... Find out more...

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