Hydraulic Oil Types

There are many different hydraulic oil types for a variety of applications, so it’s vital to know which one is the most suitable for your system…

Hydraulic oils commonly comprise mineral oils, synthetic and fire-resistant fluids, all of which can be found in a variety of applications.

Mobile, stationary / industrial and aviation applications are the three main areas that these fluids can be found. Because of the differences in industry, all require different hydraulic oil types, dependant on the conditions they’ll be operating in and the demands of these conditions on the equipment.

Hydraulic oil for decreased temperatures: For use in a colder environment, anti-freeze additives will usually be added to the oil to prevent it from freezing up during operation.

Heat-resistant hydraulic oil: Oil flows much more easily if the oil is less viscous and this can happen if the temperature is increased. Unfortunately, this increases the risk of the oil losing its properties. Some additives are added to the oil to enable it to withstand higher temperatures.

Hydraulic oil for high pressures: Hydraulic oil still needs to be able to function and allow a system to run smoothly, even under intense pressure. Heavy-duty anti-wear additives are added to the oil and this can be found in a range of applications in the construction industry.

Environmentally-friendly hydraulic oil: some systems have an increased risk of leaking or causing a spillage. This could cause contamination within the environment. To help prevent this, biodegradable additives are used, which contain rapeseed and various vegetable oils.

Other features of different hydraulic oil types include:

  • continuous viscosity;
  • thermal steadiness;
  • decreased chemical corrosiveness;
  • high anti-wear characteristics;
  • durability;
  • total water rejection;
  • cost-effectiveness;
  • hydrolytic balance;
  • decreased likelihood of cavitating.

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