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Whether you are looking for a relatively standard hydraulic power unit or a bespoke hydraulic power pack as part of a larger systems design project then you’ve come to the right place…

Hydraulic power units are commonly used in applications in which heavy or systematic lifting is required for frequent use of powerful and directional force. An example of this would be on a construction site, where you’re likely to see heavy plant and machinery, such as an excavator or bull dozer. These types of machine rely on hydraulic power units as their “engines”.

Operating continuously and built to withstand tough working environments, hydraulic power units operate continuously and are equipped to withstand tough working environments and are the “backbone” of any hydraulic system. A typical hydraulic power unit will comprise a: motor, reservoir, hydraulic pump and coolers to keep the fluid at a safe working temperature, and can produce a huge amount of power to drive most hydraulic cylinders (rams). Hydraulic power units are based on Pascal’s law (pressure in liquids), obtaining their power from area and pressure ratios.

Hydraulic power units can be used in a diverse range of applications, including the fishing industry; fishermen rely on these units to lift their nets and pots. Farmers will use hydraulic power packs to power machinery used to harvest their crops. Hydraulic power units are also used by refuse lorries to compact the rubbish that it collects.

Another well-known example are amusement park rides that use the forces created by hydraulics to lift you high and fast into the air… and also create a soft and safe landing! One of our customers is an amusement ride manufacturer and maintenance company, who operate all over the world. Other examples of hydraulic power units used by our customers in everyday life and business include:

Hydraulic power units have a widespread and impressive number of uses and are often overlooked, but it’s clear that we rely on them (more than we might realise) to ensure that the world runs effortlessly and proficiently. Read more about our other hydraulic power pack projects and view our hydraulic power unit gallery here.

CatalogueOur catalogue shows a selection of the standard, micro and mini hydraulic power units that we hold within our range – but don’t worry if you’re not sure on what sort of hydraulic power unit you are looking for or if you are looking for a bespoke system; our experienced team can determine what is best suited to your application.

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