Types of Hydraulic Unit

Hydraulics Online is a leading supplier of hydraulic power units whether you’re looking for a standard unit or a bespoke hydraulic power pack, and even when we say “standard”, they can still be tailored to your specific requirements…

Standard Hydraulic Unit

Hydraulic Power PackStandard hydraulic power units are usually designed for easy assembly and maintenance, even in the harshest of environments and the most challenging of mobile and industrial applications. One of our recent customers required a standard AC single phase hydraulic unit for a project in Africa (pictured), which you can read about here. You can be assured of a quality product that can more often than not be dispatched within 24 hours.

Micro Hydraulic Unit

Hydraulic Power UnitMicro hydraulic power units are typically used for mobile applications and/or where power is essential but space is limited e.g. bath lifts and coffin lifts frequently require a micro hydraulic power unit and they are also used in other space-limiting applications. Our customers are always offered a quality, British product. These power units are offered as both unidirectional and reversible and can be tailored with a variety of 3” electric motors ranging from AC voltage 200w and DC voltages 150 up to 800w versions. An integral Pilot Operated Check (POC) is included in the reversible unit to hold the cylinder or actuator in place when the unit is turned off. This reversible action reduces any need for a directional control valve. Unidirectional units can include a lowering valve for single-acting “lift, hold, or dump” circuits.

Mini Hydraulic Unit

Hydraulic Power UnitMini hydraulic power units usually range between a micro and standard hydraulic unit and are typically used comprehensively in applications such as demounts, tail-lifts and tippers. Our mini hydraulic power packs are available in AC voltages ranging from 0.37kW through to 4kW in either Single Phase or Three Phase versions.  The DC voltages range from 12vDC and 24vDC, 500watt through to 3kW versions including fan cooled on the larger 3kW units and come with a diverse range of bodies and tanks. Tough, silent and industrial versions are also on offer up to AC voltage 4kW and are also available with the upgraded compact Series 35 range of bankable valves plus industry standard Cetop 03 directional control valves and numerous configurations.

Bespoke Hydraulic Unit

System DesignWe offer quality bespoke hydraulic power units, designed here at Hydraulics Online. As long as you know what your end goal is then our technical team have the expertise to show you the best way to get there and can design a hydraulic power unit to suit your exact requirements… there isn’t a hydraulic power unit or system design challenge that has beaten us yet! So whether you need a standard unit or a bespoke hydraulic power unit, you’ve come to the right place!

CatalogueOur catalogue shows a selection of the standard, micro and mini hydraulic power units that we hold within our range – but don’t worry if you’re not sure on what sort of hydraulic power unit you are looking for or if you are looking for a bespoke system; our experienced team can determine what is best suited to your application.

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“Can you let the boys know that they are providing us with great service, parts and information in all our locations. Your service is prompt and reliable; you’re our “go to” guys when it comes to hydraulics.”

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