Hydraulics Jargon Buster: M

MANIFOLD: A conductor that provides multiple connection ports. A fabricated system of passages to which various components are attached to form a working assembly or sub-assembly. See hydraulic manifolds.

MANUAL CONTROL: A control actuated by the operator.

MANUAL OVERRIDE: A way of manually actuating an automatically-controlled device.

MASS FLOW RATE: The mass of fluid per unit of time passing through a given cross-section of a flow-passage in a given direction.

MECHANICAL ACCUMULATOR: A hydraulic component that transfers mechanical energy to trapped fluids. Mechanical accumulators include dead-weight and spring-loaded accumulators.

MECHANICAL CONTROL: A control actuated by cams, gears, linkages, screws or other mechanical elements.

MECHANICAL POWER: Energy created by the physical interaction of instruments or tools.

METER-IN: To regulate the amount of fluid flow into an actuator or system.

MICRON: 1/1000th of a millimeter or 0.00003937 inches. The measure used to determine the particle size of contaminants in a fluid system.

MICRON RATING: The size, in microns, of the particles a filter will remove.

MISCIBLE: Capable of being mixed in any concentration without separation of phases.

MOTOR: A device which converts hydraulic energy into rotary motion and force, either fixed or variable. See hydraulic motors.

MUFFLER: A mechanical device for reducing gas flow noise, by providing a complex path for exhaust of air from a pressurised chamber.

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