Hydraulics Jargon Buster: N

NEEDLE VALVE: A two-way valve that may be opened or closed to block or adjust the flow of hydraulic fluid between, and including, fully on and fully off. The needle valve consists of a sharp conical obstruction that is extended or retracted to block or allow flow. Normally designed so that the flow of fluid must make an non-straight turn inside the valve body which results in a desired loss of pressure across the valve when open which is greater than the loss across a gate valve.

NEWTON: A unit of force based on the unit of mass, Kg (kilogram), multiplied by the acceleration, m/s2 (meters per second per second) which produces Kgm/s2, called the Newton. 1 N = 1 Kgm/s2 = 0.1225 lbs. (F) — (pounds force).

NEWTONIAN FLUID: Fluid whose viscosity does not change with rate of flow.

NIPPLE: The internal member or portion of a hose fitting.

NITROGEN: An inert gas used to serve as an energy source for accumulators or to be used as a cleaning agent when pure, nonexplosive gases are required.

NON-NEWTONIAN FLUID: A fluid in which shear stress is not proportional to shear rate.

NON-PETROLEUM BASED OIL: A hydraulic fluid that contains no petroleum. Non-petroleum based oils are ideal for hydraulic systems that are used near a fire hazard.

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