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Hydraulics Online – Supplying you with Hystar hydraulics and Hystar hydraulic piston pumps, hydraulic solenoid valves, vane pumps, modular valves, controlled valves, proportional valves, gauges, pressure switches, cylinders, and other Hystar hydraulic equipment and components…

Based in Taiwan, the Hystar Hydraulics product range includes:

Hystar piston pumps: Hystar piston pump series PV8, PV16, PV22, PV36, PV46, PV70, PV100, HV15, HV18, HV23, HV38, HV50, HV70, HV15-15, HV23-23, HV15-38, HV38-38, HV15-70 and HV38-70

Hystar hydraulic solenoid valves: Hystar hydraulic solenoid valve series: DSGX-N-01, DSG-N-01 and DSG-N-03 series.

Hystar vane pumps:

  • Low pressure vane pump + H1 pressure gear pump: Series 50T + PA(KYB) and 150T + PA(PB)
  • Low pressure vane pump + H1 pressure vane pump: Series 50TT + HQ15, 150T +HQ15, 50T + TSP, 150T + TSP
  • Fixed vane pump – single vane pumps: DS series (DS-4, DS-7, DS-12), 50T, 150T, 150F, 250F and HVP series.

        Hystar HydraulicsHystar HydraulicsHystar Hydraulics

Hystar modular valves: Check modular valves, pilot operated modular valves, sequence modular valves, counterbalance modular valves, solenoid with check modular valves

Hystar controlled valves: Solenoid controlled relief valves, low noise type solenoid controlled relief valves, 2PV type solenoid controlled relief valves, 2PN type solenoid controlled relief valves, 3PN type solenoid controlled relief valves, unloading relief valves.

Hystar gauges: pressure gauges.

Hystar pressure switches: Hystar pressure switch types: DNA, DNB, DNC, DNF, DNK, DNL, DNM(B), DNS(B) and DNV.

Hystar cylinders: Hystar cylinder types: FA, FB, FA-I, FA-II, LA, LB, CA, TC and CMD CA-I.

Hystar proportional valves: Hystar proportional electro-hydraulic pilot relief valves, Hystar proportional electro-hydraulic relief valves, Hystar proportional electro-hydraulic relief and flow control valves.

Hystar position transducers: Hystar linear motion infinite resolution position transducer, KTC and KTF model types.

Hystar monoblock directional control valves: Sectional directional control valves for mobile and industrial applications.

Hydraulics CatalogueVisit our catalogue to see some of the hydraulic components we have within our range. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then call us or go to our Contact page to enquire online.

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“Can you let the boys know that they are providing us with great service, parts and information in all our locations. Your service is prompt and reliable; you’re our “go to” guys when it comes to hydraulics.”

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