Maxma Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves

Maxma Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves

  • Maxma solenoid operated directional control valves: High pressure 35 MPa / 5,070 psi & high flow up to 100 l /min / 26.4gpm (G-02 / D03 / NG 06 ) and 160 l / min / 42.3 gpm (G-03 / D05 / NG 10 );
  • High tank port back pressure up to 21 MPa / 3000 psi (G-02 / D03 / NG 06 ) and 16 MPa / 2320 psi (G-03 / D05 / NG 10 ) (check each spool type for max. allowable);
  • Twin tank line design upper and lower channels to tank port greatly reduce pressure drop;
  • Oil immersed, quiet solenoid design moving core immersed in hydraulic oil provides quiet operation;
  • High reliability valve designed to last 30 million spool shifts under proper use;
  • Maintenance indicator lamps to diagnose connection plug-in coils provide easy changing without disturbing wiring;
  • Hydraulic shockless spool shifting time is increased up to four times by metering the oil in the core tube (Option S);
  • Electric Shockless: Valves coils available electric shockless (rectified) – reducing voltages spikes, extending relay contact life, and providing even quieter operation.

Maxma solenoid operated directional control valves: Wiring Box / Plug-In Coils:

  • Large Wiring Space – easy assembly and disassembly;
  • Electrical box with indicator lights and terminal strip connection standard.

Lead Wire Coils:

  • Lead wire coils available popular with the mobile industry;
  • Single spade DC coils also available for one wire “spade” connection.

DIN Coils:

  • DIN connector provided standard on DIN style coils, with option of lights;
  • AC coils are rated for both 50 / 60 Hz (re-wiring not required);
  • DC coils are not polarity sensitive.

Wet Type Solenoid:

  • Smooth, lower shift- over noise and longer life;
  • Unique, magnetic path circuit makes pulling force powerful.

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