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Hydraulics Online – Supplying you with OMFB hydraulics and OMFB power take offs, hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps, OMFB Gear pumps, hydraulic bent axis piston pumps, hydraulic power packs and other OMFB hydraulic equipment and components…

With manufacturing facilities in Italy, OMFB Hydraulics manufactures and supplies a complete range of hydraulics components including: Power take off units (PTOs), gear pumps. piston pumps, tipping valves, mini power–packs, mechanic/pneumatic controls and hand pumps.

OMFB Power Take Offs:


Power take-offs (PTOs) are mechanical devices that are connected to the gear systems of industrial vehicles. They pick up the driving power and make it available to other mechanical devices, e.g. hydraulic gear pumps or piston pumps. OMFB have a wide range of PTOs with different coupling systems, suitable for most existing vehicles: mechanical, pneumatic, vacuum-controlled and clutch coupling. OMFB Power Take Off units are available in the following model series: Standard IMCB, Mag-Tronic, OMFB Standard IPN, Power Light, OMFB Powertruck, Powerful, OMFB Twin-Power, Heavy duty, Slick Shift, Allison MD and accessories.

OMFB Gear Pumps:

 OMFB Series NPGH Gear pumpOMFB Series NPH Gear PumpOMFB Series NPLA Gear PumpOMFB Series NPLH Gear PumpsOMFB Series NPLU Gear Pumps

OMFB gear pumps include versions for medium, high and very high pressure (up to 320 bar), in various configurations (DIN,UNI, ISO, SAE) and displacement sizes (from 6 to 150 cc). Tandem installations are also possible. OMFB gear pumps are available in model series: NPLA, NPLU, NPLH, LTH, NPH, LTMH, and series NPGH.

OMFB Piston Pumps:

OMFB HDS Series Piston PumpsOMFB Piston Pumps Series 2 PAKOMFB Piston Pumps Series Dark SAE-BOMFB Piston PumpsOMFB VDPP Series Piston Pumps

Fixed-displacement axial piston pumps, load sensing pumps and slanted axis pumps, in various configurations (UNI, ISO, SAE), for displacement sizes from 21 to 130 cc and pressures up to 400 bars. OMFB piston pumps are available in model series: Dark, Dark SAE-B, 2 PAK, HDS, HDT, Double delivery bent axis series, series MDS and VDPP series.

OMFB Hydraulics Hand Pumps: Double acting hand pumps, 12-25-45, cc with or without tank, to operate single acting cylinders. Available with let-down valve and spring return. OMFB hand pumps are available in model series: PM, FULCRO PMS, FULCRO PMI, FULCRO PMS+VS, FULCRO PMI+VS, PMSE 10-15 and PMSE 16 series together with accessories and tanks.

OMFB Tipping Valves:

OMFB Series HT tipping valvesOMFB Series HT tipping valvesOMFB modular series tipping valvesOMFB FP-80 modular series tipping valvesOMFB FP-40 series tipping valvesOMFB FM-40 Series tipping valves

OMFB Hydraulics tip truck valves are available with mechanic, pneumatic or electric controls, suitable for applications from 3500 kg vans to quarry trucks and semi-trailers. OMFB Hydraulics tipping valves are available in model series: FM-40, FE-40, FP-40, FP-80 Modular, Modular 150, Modular 200-250, HT-250, Modular 200-250 Multipressure, Modul-Gate, diverter and special valves, end of stroke series and fixing accessories.

OMFB Hydraulics Mini Power Packs: Mini power packs. OMFB supplies a complete range of mini hydraulic power packs: PK-RE / RM, Power-Pro series, PK-AC, PK-PW, Kube series, Power-Pro WL, ELP-CCV, MPS and PK-STD series.

OMFB Hydraulics Winches: OMFB electric or hydraulic winches with epicycloidal reduction gear or endless screw mechanism, pull from 2.7 to 30 tons, especially suitable for tow trucks and low bed trailers. OMFB’s full range comprises: OMFB electric winch and the OMFB planetary hydraulic winch.

The OMFB Hydraulics range also includes: hydraulic motors, bi-directional hydraulic gear motors, hydraulic valves, auxillary shafts, hydraulic kits for trucks and tractors, cardanic joints, oil tanks, PTO transmission adapters, electric and electronic accessories for controlling and operating hydraulic devices, including radio controls, harness assemblies and tip control kits, flow control valves, fittings, pressure gauges, breather caps, flow diverters, rotor collector, heat exchangers and hydraulic cylinders.

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