P1 Series Parker Inline Axial Piston Pump

The P1 series Parker inline axial piston pump range offers excellent practicality and endurance, providing the ideal performance in even the most extreme industrial and mobile applications…

P1 Series Parker Inline Axial Piston PumpDesigned for closed-circuit applications, the P1 series Parker inline axial piston pump ensures more efficiency and improve the working environment with a robust cradle-bearing design, wide temperature range, full power thru-drive capability and an optional torque limiter. Featuring unique “ripple chamber” technology, P1 pumps reduce pressure pulsations and produce less noise. With less power consumption and reduced heat, the series ensures dependable performance and efficient control.

Features of the P1 series Parker inline axial piston pump:

  • High efficiency;
  • Proportional electric controls that provide flow on demand;
  • Large stroking pistons for fast, stable response;
  • Full power thru-drive capability;
  • High dependability;
  • Elastomer seals that eliminate gaskets and external leakage;
  • Low friction cam and taper-roller shaft bearings;
  • Industry-low viscosity capability;
  • Design flexibility;
  • Case drain port for horizontal or vertical shaft-up mounting;
  • Optional maximum and minimum volume stops;
  • End or side inlet and outlet ports;
  • Small envelope size;
  • Wide range of controls;
  • Easy to use;
  • Low noise nine-piston design;
  • Hydraulic controls with “no leak” adjustments;
  • Fewer parts for simple maintenance.

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