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PZB Hydraulics

PZB Hydraulics have been producing Power Take Off (PTO) units and other hydraulic equipment for commercial vehicles and the industrial vehicle sector for over 50 years with their components now employed in the majority of the leading brands of commercial, transport vehicles worldwide. Now part of the Interpump Hydraulics Group, PZB Hydraulics’ extensive product range includes:

Power Take Offs (PTOs) and Split Shaft Power Take Offs (PTOs):

  • PZB Gear Pumps: PZB SE Gear Pump, PZB Tandem SE, PZB Tandem Uni, PZB Uni, PZB XF Gear Pump, PZB XPA H, PZB XPA V
  • PZB Axial Piston Pumps: PZB P1 3F UNI 3166, PZB P1 4D SE, PZB P1 4D SE 3166, PZB P1 4D SE 3166 double, PZB PL 3F Uni
  • PZB Bent Axis Piston Pumps: PZB EOS 12-25, PZB EOS 34-108, PZB EOS Uni 12-25
  • PZB Hand Pumps
  • PZB Valves – Distributors: PZB DE-16, PZB DMR, PZB DP-13, PZB DMR, PZB DP-16, PZB DP-18, PZB DP-22, PZB DP-25, PZB VFC, PZB DC-24, PZB Hyperion 13, PZB Hyperion 30
  • PZB’s product range also includes: complete hydraulic kits, accessories for industrial vehicles, hydraulic control units.


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