Roquet Hydraulic Valves and Components

In addition to their range of control valves, Roquet hydraulic valves and components include check valves, sequence valves, diverter and solenoid valves, flow dividers and components…


Component1Sequence, unloading, and reducing functions can be included in Roquet hydraulic valves and components for pressures of up to 350 bar. Some valves can be remote-controlled, some hydraulically and some electrically by solenoid. Roquet 2RS series valves can be operated as braking and relief valves simultaneously. Dimensions – ports are in accordance with CETOP RP69H (DIN-24340) standards.


Component2Three-way flow control valves can be remote controlled and a relief valve can be in-built to protect the circuit. When small flow rates are controlled, an adjustable stroke limit can be in-built in all Cetop types. This type of valves allows a fast and accurate adjustment in a flow direction, and is unaffected by pressure and temperature variations.


Component3Roquet selector / diverter / changeover valves are used extensively in front end and telescopic loaders, forklift trucks etc. to provide additional functions on the machine. For example, a valve fitted to the end of a telescopic loader boom can switch between “tilt” and “grab”, making use of the same directional valve (and one pair of hoses down the boom), with a simple electrical switch on the directional valve lever switching the selector valve solenoid.


Components4These valves replace the traditional mechanical or hydraulic-compensating systems used on front loaders to keep the bucket in a fixed position during raising and lowering. The valves make use of flow dividers to synchronise the lift and bucket cylinder movements such that the bucket remains in the same position whilst moving up and down. The ratio of the flow division is adjustable to suit the ratio between the lift and bucket cylinder size. This system is intended for applications including: tractor front loaders, skid-steer loaders, small wheeled-loaders, etc.


Components5Roquet check valves are generally used as a security or safety measure to avoid the pressure in the hydraulic circuit that can invert the fluid direction, usually oil.



Components6Roquet solenoid valves (valves that are activated electrically) can be mounted in compact blocks, thus avoiding having to mount threaded fittings and pipes to transmit the signal.



Roquet Hydraulic Valves and Components


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