Roquet Hydraulics

Roquet Hydraulics

Hydraulics Online – Supplying you with Roquet hydraulics and Roquet hydraulic gear pumps, motors, diverter / selector / changeover valves, directional valves, cylinders, mini power packs, flow controls and other Roquet hydraulic equipment and components…

Based in Barcelona, Roquet Hydraulics has been a leading manufacturer of hydraulic components for more than 50 years, with a product range including hydraulic control valves, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic gear pumps and motors for mobile applications.

  • Roquet Hydraulics Aluminium Gear Pumps: M series, L0 series, L series, PLA series, PLC series
  • Roquet Hydraulics Cast Iron Gear Pumps and Motors: PNA series hydraulic gear pumps and gear motors and PNC series hydraulci gear pumps.

Roquet Gear PumpsRoquet Hydraulic Control Valves

  • Roquet Monoblock Hydraulic Control Valves: Series 102, Series 202, Series 302 and Series 504 hydrauliccontrol valves
  • Roquet Sectional Hydraulic Control Valves: Series 402, Series 406, Series 407 hydraulic control valves and Series 408 directional control valves.
  • Roquet Check Valves: In-line and sub-plate mounted check valves, pilot operated check valves and solenoid operated check valves.
  • Roquet Cylinders: Hydraulic cylinders up to 140mm bore and 3 meter stroke. Cylinders up to 120mm bore and 1.5m stroke. Individual tube or rod weight limited to 50kg.
  • Roquet Diverter Valves: 6-way diverter valves (single or stackable) and 8-way diverter valves, with a arange covering from 20l/min to 80l/min, with superior curves for pressure/flow rate.
  • Roquet Directional Control Valves: Monoblock valves for up to 80 l/min and slice valves up to 300 l/min. High-strength cast-iron bodies (350 bar) cast in the Pedro Roquet foundry.
  • Roquet Power Packs: AC and DC motor driven mini power-packs with a wide range of control options, tanks etc. Larger power packs up to 150 kW.
  • Roquet Levelling Valves: Roquet levelling valves, as its name indicates, are designed to level movements and thus to secure stability.
  • Roquet Solenoid Monoblock Valves: A range of direct-acting solenoid operated parallel monoblock hydraulic directional control valves intended for small agricultural and mechanical-handling applications.

Roquet hydraulic cylindersRoquet Hydraulic Components

  • Roquet Relief Valves: Relief, unloading and sequence valves for industrial and mobile applications. Even the simplest direct-acting mobile valves feature damping for noise reduction.
  • Roquet Flow Controls: Throttles and pressure compensated flow control valves. Also flow dividers and priority flow controls.
  • Roquet Solenoid Valves: Cetop 03, 05, 07, 08 and 10 industrial solenoid valves.
  • Roquet Modular Slices: Modular slice valves including checks, reliefs, flow controls, unloading etc., dependant on size.
  • Roquet Slow Speed Motors and Steering Units: A range of orbital-type motors and steering units.
  • Roquet Hand Pumps: A range of hand pumps – with or without integral tanks.
  • Roquet Logic Elements: A range of logic elements for flows up to 1000 l/min with mounting dimensions to DIN-24342.
  • Roquet Gate Operators: A range of hydraulic linear actuators for swing gates and a range of hydraulic rotary actuators for garage doors.
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