Vickers CM80 and CM120 Series Sectional Valves

We offer a huge range of Vickers valves, including the Vickers CM80 and CM120 series sectional valves…

Sectional-CM80-CM120-ValvesEvery piece of equipment is vitally important to a hydraulic applications, to help maintain operational productivity and safety. The Vickers CM80 and CM120 series sectional valves have been manufactured specifically to ensure your system gives a responsive and dependable performance, whilst remaining cost-effective. The cast-iron sectional valve designs comprise of open-centre, parallel or series circuits and manual and hydraulic actuation options. With a range of configurations and flow ratings up to 30 gpm, CM80 and CM120 sectional control valves offer high performance and reliability to your application.

Some of the most common applications that these valves can be found in include: directional drills, truck mounted equipment, small utility loaders, transit mixers and material handling equipment.

Features of the CM80 and CM120 series sectional valves include:

  • Stackable, sectional design enables the use of up to ten operating sections per bank assembly for maximum optimum versatility and flexibility;
  • Modular banking design concept removes expensive fittings and potential leak points;
  • CM valve relief ports accept standard C-10-2 Standard Eaton SiCV cartridges;
  • Valves can be bought as individual sections or as complete assemblies;
  • Symmetrical valve bodies allows for the actuation in either direction to meet various mounting requirements;
  • Sections can use either manual or hydraulic actuation;
  • High tensile strength cast-iron valve housings improve robustness and shock load resistance.

Vickers CM80 and CM120 Series Sectional Valves

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