Vickers DuraForce® HPR Series Pumps

Combining 500 bar peak pressure, an innovative noise reduction solution and a broad controls selection, Vickers DuraForce HPR pumps bring impressive product strengths to a wide variety of applications…

Builders of some of the world’s most powerful equipment rely on Vickers DuraForce HPR pumps, motors and valves for the muscle and precision they need for demanding applications. Other equipment builders choose DuraForce products for a simpler reason: the peace of mind that comes through reliable operation and extended machine life.

Vickers Duraforce HPR seriesVickers DuraForce® HPR pumps are self-regulating for open loop operation. Offering high precision and a hard-wearing, flexible, modular design, they are ideal for applications where high efficiency is required, such as vehicle control systems for agriculture, forestry, construction, mining and more. With displacements from 55 cc to 280 cc (3.57 to 17.1 cu in), DuraForce HPR pumps are able to operate at pressures up to 420 bar (6100 psi),

Features and design characteristsics of the Vickers DuraForce HPR series include:

  • High pressure axial piston pump in swash plate design for open loop systems;
  • Clockwise or counter clockwise rotation;
  • Self-priming at high nominal speed;
  • Higher rotating speed by tank pressurisation or swash angle reduction;
  • Adaptive noise optimisation SPU;
  • Decompression fluid is drained via pump housing for suction side stability;
  • Exact and rugged load sensing controls;
  • SAE high pressure ports;
  • SAE mounting flange with ANSI or SAE spline shaft;
  • Through shaft SAE A, B, B-B, C, D and E;
  • Optional tandem and multiple pumps.

As well as a highly reliable, long working life, the DuraForce HPR series offers:

  • Energy saving operation by “flow on demand” control;
  • Dynamic response;
  • Excellent suction up to rated speed;
  • Noise optimization over the entire range of operation;
  • Optimum interaction with Eaton LSC-Directional Control Valves and LinTronic;
  • Compact design;
  • High power density • High pressure rating

Vickers DuraForce HPR pump model codes are: HPR 055, HPR 075, HPR 105, HPR 135, HPR 165, HPR 210, HPR 280 HPR 105D and HPR 165D. If you need help and advice in sourcing original Vickers DuraForce HPR pumps, or any other Vickers hydraulic pumps and equipment, then  Contact us now.

Vickers DuraForce® HPR Series Pumps

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