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Vickers Hydraulics was already an experienced and respected name in hydraulics when it became part of the Eaton Corporation in 1999…

The complete Eaton hydraulics product range comprises: accumulators, connectors, electronics and sofware, fittings, motors, pumps, transmissions, industrial clutches and brakes, cylinders, filters, hose and hose fittings, power units and systems, steering and valves.

Vickers hydraulics - pumpsWithin this, the Vickers hydraulics product range includes: cylinders, valves (industrial and mobile), piston motors, pumps (industrial and mobile), Vickers screw-in cartridge valves and servo valves, vane motors, vane pumps and filters… meaning that Vickers hydraulics are found extensively in industrial, mobile, aerospace, marine and defence applications worldwide.

You can find more information on the full range of Vickers hydraulics by clicking on the images below or read on for a brief overview of the main product areas:

Vickers Hydraulics filters – breathers, filter accessories, in-tank filters, off-line filters, pressure filters, return-line filters, spin-on filters and suction strainers.

Vickers Hydraulics - CylindersVickers Hydraulics Cylinders – sold under the Vickers and Hydrowa brands, cylinder products include: G Series (Large tie rod), I Series (Isometric), M Series (Mill duty,) N Series (NFPA tie rod), T Series (Threaded), W series (Industrial Welded) and XL Series (Extra large custom cylinders) with bores ranging from 20 mm (0.75 in.) to 500 mm (60 in.) bore and strokes up to 22m (900in.).

Vickers Hydraulics industrial valves – engineered for reliable performance and long service life, these Vickers valves deliver increased productivity and improved performance across a full range of industrial applications: Check valves, directional valves, flange valves, flow controls, pressure controls, proportional directional valves, proportional pressure valves, proportional valves electronics, servo valves, slip-in cartridge valves, SystemStak and sub plates and bolt kits.

Vickers Mobile ValvesVickers mobile valves – designed and manufactured to meet the unique requirements of mobile systems used in agriculture, construction, material handling, forestry, utilities, lawn and garden equipment and a wide variety of other industries. Electronic load-sensing valves, flow control valves, hydraulic remote control, monoblock valves, sectional CM80 and CM120 valves, sectional CML valves, sectional CMX100 and CMX160 valves, sectional MDG valves and self-levelling valves.

Vickers Piston MotorsVickers piston motors 
– Eaton offers a complete line of bent axis and in-line piston motors with displacements from: 11cc to 4100 cc (0.067 in3 to 250.2 in3), and speeds to 5500 rpm at pressures to 413 bar (6000 psi) including Vickers Hydrokraft axial piston motors. Eaton Vickers piston motors meet application needs ranging from the most demanding industrial environment to the smallest mobile machinery.

Vickers screw-in cartridge valves – Vickers and Integrated Hydraulics brands provide customers with quality products and innovative solutions for all their power and motion control needs: Check valves, circuit maker solutions, directional controls, flow controls, logic elements, motion control valves, pressure control valves, proportional valves and solenoid valves.

Vickers Servo ValvesVickers servo valves – Eaton’s Vickers SX4 two-stage, four-way, flapper nozzle servo valves provide closed loop control with exact positional accuracy, repeatable velocity, and predictable force and torque regulation. SX4 servo valves offer extended frequency response for more demanding close loop applications compared to Vickers SM4 servo valves.

Vickers vane motors – used in industrial and mobile applications with proven reliability and cartridge kit designs providing uptime and easy serviceability. Additionally, a low break out force smoothes out the start-up speed allowing for vane motors to be more forgiving to system pressure spikes.

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