Vickers PVQ Series Pumps

With lower operating pressures and smaller variable displacements, Eaton Vickers PVQ Series piston pumps are a quiet, versatile option for machine tools, small presses and shears, conveyor lines and more…

Vickers PVQ pumps are in-line, variable displacement piston pumps and are available in nine sizes. Displacement is varied by means of pressure and/or flow compensator controls. An impressive assortment of control options offers maximum operating flexibility.

Today’s demanding industrial conditions for quiet operations are more than met by Vickers PVQ pumps;  the sound level of each unit approaches or is below that of the electric motor driving it. Sound is reduced by a patented timing arrangement that also produces low pressure “pulses” in the outlet flow. This leads to reduced tendencies for noise in systems using PVQs. The Vickers PVQ pump series is capable of operating with many types of hydraulic fluid: water-content and phosphate ester fluids can be accommodated, in addition to the typical petroleum based and synthetic fluids.

Many Vickers PVQ pumps are available in a thru-drive configuration to accommodate a multitude of application and installation requirements. Thru-drive models can be coupled to various types and sizes of fixed and variable displacement pumps, resulting in a compact and versatile package. Such a package offers lower installation costs by reducing the installation size and by requiring only one mounting pad on the prime mover. Quiet PVQs have excellent operating characteristics, and the pumps’ many control and mounting options make it the optimum model for many applications including: machine tools, small presses and shears, injection molding machines, conveyor lines. And Vickers PVQ pumps certainly offer the durability and long life characteristics that you would expected from the best industrial products in today’s marketplace.

Eaton Vickers PVQ pumps

The Vickers PVQ series displacements range from 10 cc to 45 cc (0.6 to 2.75 cu in) at operating pressures up to 210 bar (3,045 psi) to effectively handle lower pressure applications.

The full range of Vickers PVQ pumps series comprises the: PVQ10, PVQ13,  PVQ20,  PVQ25 PVQ32, PVQ40 and PVQ45 models.

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