Vickers V10 and V20 Series Vane Pumps

Field-proven Eaton Vickers V10 and V20 fixed displacement vane pumps are a common first choice for medium to low-pressure mobile and industrial applications all over the  world…

Eaton Vickers V10 V20 Series Pump

Vickers V10, V20, V2010, and V2020 fixed displacement pumps are of “balanced vane type” construction. Both the V10 and Vickers V20 single pumps have rated flow capacities of 1 to 7 USgpm and 6 to 13 USgpm, respectively. Double pumps provide a single power source capable of serving two separate hydraulic circuits, or of providing greater volume through the combined delivery of both sections. In either type of application, two pumps in a single housing result in a more compact,simple installation and can be driven through a single shaft coupling.

V2010 double pumps have capacities of 6 to 13 USgpm and 1 to 7 USgpm for their shaft-end and cover-end pumps, respectively. Vickers V2020 double pumps have capacities of 6 to 13 USgpm and 6 to 11 USgpm for their shaft-end and cover-end pumps, respectively. All models are designed for use with oil or synthetic fireresistant fluids. Shaft rotation is either clockwise or counterclockwise, but can be changed by changing the assembly of internal parts. SAE 2-bolt mounting flanges are standard, and foot-mounting brackets are optional. Many electric motor manufacturers can supply drip-proof or totally enclosed,  fan cooled motors with end bells on which the pumps can be mounted.

Available with integrated flow control valves to simplify system design and installation, these pumps are widely used as pilot and auxiliary pumps for complex systems.

Features of the Vickers V10 and V20 pump series include:

  • Pressure-balanced, modular design reduces noise, extends life and improves serviceability;
  • Wide range of available displacements allows for broader range of applications;
  • 12-vane system and intra-vane design reduce flow pulsations and noise.

Applications include: power units, power steering, skid-steerers, lift trucks and balers.

Single pumps are available with model codes prefixed with V10 and V20, while double pump model codes begin with V1020 and V2020

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