Vickers Vane Motors

Vickers vane motors offer proven reliability and cartridge kit designs providing uptime and easy serviceability in industrial and mobile applications alike…

 Vickers Vane MotorsA low break out force also smoothes out the start-up speed allowing for Vickers vane motors to be more forgiving to system pressure spikes.

Eaton Vickers M vane motors offer an economical, efficient means of applying variable speed, rotary hydraulic power and offer variable horsepower (constant torque) characteristics. They can be stalled under load without damage when protected by a relief valve. A wide variety of displacements and torques are available in each of the 3 product families: M2U Vane Motors, M2-210 Vane Motors and Vickers M Vane Motors.

Vickers M Vane MotorsHigh-speed, high-pressure Eaton M Series vane motors are field-proven to provide years of successful operation in elevator scraper drives, hydrostatic drives and many more auxiliary applications. They feature inlet/outlet ports that can be pressurized simultaneously while maintaining smooth operation. Available options include 12 torque ratings from 4,7 to 33,9 Nm/6,9 bar (42 to 300 lb. in./100 psi), speeds from 400 to 3,600 rpm continuous and 4000 rpm intermittent, and pressures up to 155 bar (2,250 psi) continuous and 172 bar (2,500 psi) intermittent.

Other features and benefits offered by Eaton Vickers vane motors include:

  • Dual-pressure plate increasing operational efficiency;
  • Diametrically opposed inlet and outlet chambers reducing wear;
  • Modular design permits greater serviceability;
  • Low inertia of rotating parts results in smooth operation;
  • Flange or foot mounting options allow for application flexibility.

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