240v Hydraulic Power Packs

240v Hydraulic Power Packs

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It’s no secret that we love hydraulics. The vast range of applications that we’re always involved with means that no two days are the same, and there’s certainly never a dull moment knowing that we’re very much involved in “keeping the wheels turning” all over world. In fact, at times we’re making the wheels do more than just turn…

The hydraulic power packs pictured here were made to order for a new customer; a specialist leisure ride design and manufacturing company whose product range extends from monorails and roller coasters to water rides and  lifts. See! Hydraulics are fun too!

In this instance, the Hydraulics Online team were approached for technical support on a new roller coaster design project. The bespoke mini hydraulic power packs (3 of 20) here are to be powered by 0.55kW, 240vAC single phase cap start – cap run motors, complete with additional pressure-line switch operating between 20-200 bar. The design also called for double-acting cylinders (25mm bore, 16mm rod, 250mm stroke) which are also pictured here.

Whether you are looking for a relatively standard 240v hydraulic power pack, want to improve the performance of your existing system or are looking for a bespoke (240v) hydraulic power pack as part of a larger hydraulic systems design project then look no further. We can help.

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