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B&C Hydraulics was founded in 1990 and began designing and manufacturing replacement hydraulic components parts for mobile equipment. The B & C Hydraulics produce range now includes: hydraulic vane pumps and cartridges, gear pumps, check valves, flow control valves and pressure control valves that are fully interchangeable with many of their competitors products.

All B&C Hydraulics vane pump components that are subject to wear are contained in a cartridge unit that can be easily removed for inspection and/or replacement without disconnecting the hydraulic pump from the circuit - drastically reducing expensive machine down time.

The cartridge contains a rotor, vanes and inserts, a cam ring and two covers. During operation the rotor is driven by a splined shaft coupled to the drive unit. As the rotation speed increases, centrifugal forces, in combination with the pressure generated behind the vanes, push the vanes outwards, where they follow the profile of the cam of the ring with a sufficient contact pressure to ensure adequate hydraulic sealing. The two opposed pumping chambers formed by the elliptical profile of the cam cancel out radial loads on the shaft bearings, thereby giving them extremely long lifetimes.

This website only showcases a sample of the hydraulic products and equipment that we supply. We're always adding new content and will feature more information on the B & C hydraulics range shortly. In the meantime, please click through on the following links for information on:

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