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Bondioli & Pavesi was founded in Suzzara in 1950 and in a few short years became a leading company in the market of drive shafts. It was the first Italian company in the agricultural sector to provide a complete transmission system. Now working in over 50 countries, Bondioli & Pavesi has thirteen production facilities, each specialized in the design and manufacture of a particular power transmission component.

The Bondioli & Pavesi hydraulics product range comprises: drive shafts, standard gearboxes, parallel shaft gearboxes and special application gearboxes, gear pumps and motors, axial piston pumps and motors, directional control valves, flow control cartridge valves, directional cartridge valves, electrically operated cartridge valves, pressure control cartridge valves, inline valves, input implementation connection shields, overrunning clutches, feeding units, heat exchangers, fan drive systems, control units, servo controls, torque limiters, torsionally resilient couplers and yokes to meet the requirements of any agricultural application.

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