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Commercial Hydraulics

Commercial Hydraulics

Commercial Hydraulics are now part of the Parker Group, making them part of one of the largest families in the hydraulics industry. Before this takeover, Commercial Hydraulics had established itself as one of, if not the, biggest world names in the manufacture of: hydraulic pumps, hydraulic gear motors, hydraulic piston pumps, hydraulic flow dividers and hydraulic valves. Now with the backing of Parker, Commercial Hydraulics continues to lead the field and their series of hydraulic gear pumps is often called the industry standard by which all other hydraulic gear pumps are measured.

Previously branded Commercial pumps, motors and flow dividers are still made to the same exacting standards by Parker; the only difference is that the previous Commercial product codes are now preceded by “PG” (Parker Group).

Commercial PGP / PGM 030 / 050 / 075 Series Cast Iron Pumps & Motors

Manufactured with hi-tensile grey iron, this series offer a wide variety of drive shafts that are designed for high-torque applications and unique pressure balanced thrust plates comtribute to optimized performance. Units are available in single and multiple section configurations, along with valve and relief valve options.

Commercial Hydraulics P M PGP PGM 30 50 75 series
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Commercial PGP / PGM 300 Series Cast Iron Pumps & Motors

The Commercial PGP / PGM 300 Series products set the standard for superior performance and reliability in heavy-duty hydraulic applications. The three-piece cast iron construction with large area, low-friction bushings provide strength, high efficiency, and long life in severe operating environments. The design includes an advanced thrust plate and seal configuration, which optimizes performance even in high temperature and low viscosity conditions.

Commercial Hydraulics PGP PGM 300 series

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We understand that sometimes, you actually need something “yesterday” and that your budget is always being asked to stretch that… little… bit… further. That’s why we also offer a range of completely interchangeable, direct equivalents to the Commercial pumps range. Built and tested here in the UK, you can be assured of a quality product that can more often than not be dispatched within 24 hours. Contact us for more information.  

This website only showcases a sample of the products that we supply, so don't worry if you can't find the Commerical hydraulics that you're looking for - we'll still be able to help. Contact us now using our online enquiry form or online chat, or you can reach us via: or on +44 (0) 845 644 3640. 

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