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David Brown Hydraulics

David Brown Hydraulics

David Brown Hydraulics is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of products servicing the transport and mobile hydraulics sector and also the parent in a group of companies who, in turn, are part of the Hydreco / Clyde Blowers company.

The David Brown Hydraulics product range is designed for maximum torque, highest reliability and ease of installation and includes: helical gear and spur gear pumps, lifting winches, monobloc valves, selector valves, sectional valves, unloader valves, crane slewing drives, crane winch drives, hydraulic pilot controls/pilot valves; single lever control, dual axis control and foot pedal controls.

David Brown Hydraulics Pumps

The range of David Brown pumps includes helical gear and spur gear pumps together with cast iron and aluminium bodies. High durability, long life, and high efficiency are features of these pumps, which, when combined with the low noise characteristics of the helical gear pumps, make them highly suitable for modern machinery. Depending on model, David Brown pump features include: spur gears, helical gears, displacements from 4.0 to 239cc/rev, uni-directional or reversible motors, single or multiple assemblies, cast iron or aluminium bodies, high pressure ratings. 

David Brown Hydraulics Valves

David Brown valves include products suitable for application-specific and more general applications. A range of control options is available, from manual, to pilot hydraulic, to pneumatic control, to electro hydraulic control. Depending on model, David Brown valve features include: sectional or monobloc construction, flow rating to 450 litres/min, multiple spool options, manual / hydraulic / electro-hydraulic / pneumatic control options, tandem circuit, multiple inlets. 

David Brown Hydraulics Pilot Controls

David Brown Hydraulics also offer a wide range of hydraulic pilot controls with single lever control, dual axis control, and foot pedal control, together with purpose-designed controls. An extensive range of hydraulics characteristics are available, ensuring that optimum control can be achieved with both David Brown control valves or with other manufacturers’ equipment. Depending on model, David Brown pilot control features include: Individual / single / dual levers, dual axis joysticks, magnetic detents, single / dual foot pedals, pilot hydraulic operation, accumulator / electric isolation, many circuit and switch options. 

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