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Vivolo Hydraulics

Founded in 1985, Vivoil Oleodinamica produces Vivolo hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic gear motors and geared flow dividers.

All Vivolo gear pumps can be supplied as hydraulic gear motors, with either single rotation or reversible, with internal or external drains. The design of their XV series of hydraulic gear pumps and motors exploits many new and innovative technical and solutions and has been awarded 3 patents.

The range includes: Vivolo XV 0P series, Vivolo XV 1P series, Vivolo XP 2P series and Vivolo XP 3P series.

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  • Vivolo Group 0 series: XV0P / XP0 unidirectional pumps, XV0R / XR0 reversible pumps, XV0U / XU0 unidirectional motors, XV0M / XM0 reversible motors
  • Vivolo Group 1 series: XV1P / XP1 unidirectional pumps, XV1R / XR1 reversible pumps, XV1U / XU1 unidirectional motors, XV1M / XM1 reversible motors 
  • Vivolo Group 2 series: XV2P / XP2 unidirectional pumps, XV2R / XR2 reversible pumps, XV2U / XU2 unidirectional motors, XV2M / XM2 reversible motors 
  • Vivolo Group 3 series: XV3P / XP3 unidirectional pumps, XV3R / XR3 reversible pumps, XV3U / XU3 unidirectional motors, XV3M / XM3 reversible motors

Vivolo hydraulics

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