Danfoss 24 pin PLUS+1 Controller - 256k

Danfoss 24 pin PLUS+1® Controller - 128k

Danfoss 24 pin PLUS+1 Controller - 128k

Danfoss 50 pin PLUS+1® Controller - 256k

Danfoss 50 pin PLUS+1 Controller - 256k

Danfoss 24 pin PLUS+1 Controller - 256k

Hydraulic Control Systems

Danfoss MC024-010 and MC024-012 controllers are general-purpose controllers that are equally suited for use as members of a distributed machine control system, with intelligence in every node, or as stand-alone controllers.

Technical features include: user-programmable with PLUS+1 GUIDE (Graphical User Integrated Development Environment), 24 pins: (2) individually keyed Deutsch DTM, 12 pin connectors, 32 bit fixed-point DSP running at 150 MHz, 12 bit analog-to-digital converter, 16 bit timers/counters, 9 to 36 vDC power supply, monitored internally, 1 CAN 2.0 B port, the fixed range analog input can be configured as the shield pin, power supply for external sensors rated at 5 Vdc to 300 mA and regulated internally, 2 LEDs under user control, 3 mounting alternatives: stack, end, or side, MC024-012 contains application key required to run Danfoss developed machine control application software, CE compliant.

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