Danfoss Hydraulic Motor

Danfoss Hydraulic Motor

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Danfoss hydraulic motor - grass cutting

Providing a Danfoss hydraulic motor for a wide variety of mobile hydraulics applications…

For more than 50 years, Danfoss Power Solutions have been providing the world with quality mobile hydraulics. Previously known as “Sauer Danfoss”, the company officially re-branded and changed their name in 2013 to “Danfoss Power Solutions”, although they are still usually more widely referred to as just “Danfoss”. Originally starting as a solo enterprise in 1933 in the USA, Danfoss is now a huge global organisation with five other brands: Turolla, Comatrol, Schwarzmüller-Inverter, Valmova and Hydro-gear.

The Danfoss hydraulic motor range comprises:

  • Danfoss hydraulic motorDanfoss T series, O series and V series orbital motors – the most comprehensive range of orbital motors in the mobile hydraulics market. Recognised for their dependability, durability and high efficiency, these Danfoss hydraulic motors are well-suited for agricultural, road building, construction, forestry, public utility and lawn and garden equipment.


  • Danfoss piston pumps and motors: H1 series pumps and motors and closed circuit (high, medium and low power) pumps and motors:

Danfoss hydraulic motors

I just wanted to thank you for the speed and efficiency with which you dealt with my order for a hydraulic motor – I’ve told all the other fishermen in the area where to go to get their hydraulic parts in future!

DanfossWe’ve supplied many a Sauer Danfoss hydraulic motor in the past to customers from all walks of life and in all corners of the world, from a UK golf course needing a Danfoss OMT 315 FH motor for their grass cutting machinery, to overseas original equipment manufacturers looking for efficient, reliable supplies. (Pictured: Danfoss closed loop transmission pump and 15 Danfoss motors.)

Danfoss pump motors setsIf you’re up against tight timeframes, you may like to know that we can often provide Danfoss hydraulics as direct equivalents to other brands that may be on longer lead times. As an example, a customer needed us to quote for 8 Bosch Rexroth pump-motor sets, but knowing the protracted delivery time that we had to quote, we also offered to quote on supplying an equivalent – Danfoss Series 90, 75 kw pump-motor sets with half the lead time. The customer ordered the Danfoss pump-motor sets (pictured) and they worked perfectly – just as we knew they would!

Danfoss MotorBack to our occasional buyer… a golf centre approached the technical team to ask about a Sauer Danfoss OMT 315 FH motor for their grass cutting machinery for their golf course greens.

Features of this Danfoss hydraulic motor include: a maximum continuous speed of 380rpm and a maximum intermittent speed of 460rpm; a maximum continuous torque of 950lbf-in and a maximum intermittent torque of 1140lbf-in; a maximum continuous oil flow of 125l/min and a maximum intermittent oil flow of 150 l/min.

Of course, these are just examples of the Danfoss hydraulic motors that we’ve provided to our customers – we couldn’t possibly list everything here… But if you would like more information on the Danfoss hydraulic motor range (and the rest of their product range come to that) then you can visit our main main Sauer Danfoss pages.

I’d just like to thank you and your team for the great service that you gave me last week. When the manufacturer told me they had 350 of the motors that I needed on back order I didn’t hold out much hope. Hydraulics Online however came to mine and Great Yarmouth’s rescue. We had a ground loader box blocking the town centre car park. Goodness knows what we would have done without you. Thanks again.

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