Hydraulic Filter

A hydraulic filter is an important component of any hydraulic system and selecting the right one is vital to safeguard systems performance…

Well, we’ve always said we can, but in the words of a well-known and world-leading, high-technology engineering business, the team really can take the “pressure” here at Hydraulics Online.

I would like to thank you and your team for your expert help in sourcing and supplying our HAWE hydraulic filters. The service was extremely swift and certainly took the ‘pressure’ off to get our machine back up and running. A pleasure to do further business with you in the future.

A hydraulic filter plays a vitally important role in any hydraulic system, and selecting the right one is absolutely critical to protect your system and its performance. Modern hydraulic systems are becoming more demanding than ever… and with higher performance come ever increasing demands for better controls and long component life. Such standards can usually only be achieved when using hydraulic components with smaller tolerances and a greater sensitivity to contamination.

Selecting the right hydraulic filter is therefore essential to ensure that particle contaminants are removed from the hydraulic fluid before components are jammed or damaged through abrasive wear.

As a leading hydraulic filter supplier we have widespread, competitive access to both leading and niche hydraulic filter manufacturers from around the world. Some of the hydraulic filter manufacturers and brands that we can supply include: Argo HytosDonaldsonEaton Vickers, Hawe, Hydac, Ikron, MP Filtri and Parker hydraulic filters.

Sourcing an obscure hydraulic filter or getting hold of one that you needed “yesterday” needn’t be a problem either… as you can see here, large and small alike, we help customers every day who are in a breakdown situation with no time to spare!

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