Hydraulic Lift

If it’s hydraulic, then in the words of our customers we “know our stuff”. But knowledge isn’t enough, and right from the outset, we have always believed in consistently delivering first class customer service too – hence our investment to achieve ISO 9001 Quality Management accreditation through the British Standards Institution.

Over the years, the feedback from our growing customer base has always been that we are doing things right, doing things well… Doing what we say we are going to do. We regularly receive “thank you” notes and emails from our customers, who want to recognise our commitment to customer service. This email, received today, needs no further introduction…

I needed to repair a Chiltern Concept 2000 bath system for a wheelchair user… The bath was generally in very good order, although the hydraulic lifting mechanism had developed a fault that would occasionally leave the user stranded in the bath or part way out.

On close examination I found that the hydraulic lift system was based on a Smiths Industries hydraulics company power pack and ram, but there were no obvious signs of hydraulic oil leakage.  I discovered that the original company had gone into liquidation and the new company,  Chiltern Invadex, were unable to support this bath.  The situation was made yet more complicated as the hydraulic components were no longer available as replacement parts.  The only option seemed to be to install a new bath and hydraulic lift at considerable cost.

In a desperate attempt to save costs and quickly restore the bath to working order, I contacted Hydraulics Online.  Mark Tonks, the Managing Director could not have been more helpful.  He suggested returning the power pack and ram to their works in Alsager, Cheshire, where they would test all components.  

I am delighted to say that they discovered the faulty component, replaced it and shipped the items back to me in West London. After reinstalling the hydraulic lift mechanism the wheelchair user now has a fully functional hydraulic bath. It has now been operating perfectly for the last 3 weeks.  

The service provided by Hydraulics Online was exceptional.

Doctor M.R.T.