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Eaton Char-Lynn hydraulics

The Char-Lynn brand, part of the Eaton Group, has been recognised as one of the industry leaders in low-speed, high-torque (LSHT) hydraulic motor technology; Char-Lynn steering controls, general purpose motors, including spool valves motors, disc valves motors, and other high-performance motors have been Eaton products since 1970.

Char-Lynn hydraulics was named after one of the pioneers in the hydraulic industry, the late Lynn Charlson. The hydraulic motors developed by Lynn Charlson and his team use what is termed as the Orbit Principle. This principle has given the Char-Lynn motors their reliable high power density, modularity and economic design. A wide variety of displacements are available in each of the 3 product families: Char-Lynn spool valve (gerotor / geroler) motors, Char-Lynn disc valve motors and Char-Lynn VIS (Valve-In-Star) motors.

Char-Lynn Geroler / Gerotor Motors

A wide variety of displacements are available in each of the 3 product families: Char-Lynn spool valve motors, Char-Lynn disc valve motors and Char-Lynn VIS (Valve-In-Star) motors.Eaton Char-Lynn Geroler-Gerotor Motors

Char-Lynn spool valve motors distribute pressurized fluid into and out of the orbit gear set (gerotor or geroler) via valve slots integrated into the output shaft which also incorporates hydrodynamic journal bearings. The spool valve section can be optimized for low flow, low speed needs, using a low speed spool option to enhance smooth running performance.

Eaton Char-Lynn disc valve motors allow higher flows and higher pressures than spool valve motors, resulting in higher torques and efficiencies. All are available in standard mount, wheel mount, or bearingless configurations with many shaft and port options and speed sensors to meet a broad range of application requirements. Eaton Char-Lynn disc valve motors deliver unrivalled quality and are supported by manufacturing systems that ensure on time delivery.

Eaton Char-Lynn Valve-in-Star (VIS) motors are the next step in the evolution of low speed high torque (LSHT) hydraulic motors. The VIS design provides a more compact package, better efficiency and higher pressure capability than other types of LSHT hydraulic motors. Eaton VIS motors are primarily intended for use in closed loop applications.

Char-Lynn Hydraulics Steering

Eaton Char-Lynn have been producing steering control units and associated equipment and components for years. The Char-Lynn steering product range includes: Series 5 steering control units (SCU), Series 10 SCU, Series 20 SCU, Series 25 SCU, Series 40 SCU, dual displacement technology, electronic proportional active control steering (EPACS), versasteer technology, torque generators, wheels, XCEL45 steering Eaton Char-Lynn Hydraulic Steering Unitunits, valves, electro-hydraulic steering, 2 speed and wide angle technology. Hydraulics Catalogue

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