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Sun Hydraulics is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds which control force, speed and motion as integral components in fluid power systems for industrial and mobile applications. Standard manifolds are offered in nearly limitless variety, and custom manifolds can be designed to meet specific customer requirements. Cartridge products are available in up to 5 sizes (capacities), are capable of handling flows up to 400 gallons per minute, and operate at pressures up to 5,000 pounds per square inch.

The Sun Hydraulics cartridge range includes: pressure control, flow control, load-holding, directional, electro-proportional, solenoid-operated, logic elements, cavity saver and speciality valves. Because of their unique two-piece, floating style construction, Sun hydraulic cartridges are forgiving of cavity manufacturing variances, and provide maximum valve performance with guaranteed valve-to-valve repeatability.

The range of Sun hydraulic manifolds includes: line mount, motor mount, sandwich and subplate manifolds that are all available in a choice of aluminum (3000 psi/210 bar) or ductile iron (5000 psi/350 bar). Port choices include threaded and code 61 and code 62 flanges. In addition to standard manifolds, Sun hydraulic manifolds can be designed and manufactured for application specific requirements.

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